As anyone who follows professional wrestling knows CM Punk left the WWE recently without publicly acknowledging the fact or why he did so. Speculation has been running rampant whether this was real or part of a story line. All indication, from sources to us, is that this is real and Vince McMahon is trying to get Punk back and turn this in to a story line before Wrestlemania.

Lords of Pain noted before that The Shield kicked off last night’s WWE live event in San Diego telling fans that CM Punk wasn’t there and refunds would be offered. Reader Justin Sell, who was in attendance, noted that each member of the group took turns running down Punk and seemed to really be going after him.

CM Punk has been in the middle of numerous rumors in regards to a possible jump to MMA. The mystery surrounding this whole incident has created an epic amount of buzz. Stay close to ProMMAnow ( for more on this situation as it unfolds.

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