Here is a quick look at all things CM Punk concerning his departure from the WWE.

  • There was a feeling backstage at RAW among wrestlers¬†that CM Punk walking out was going to be a loss for the locker room, since he was constantly speaking up for the crew.
  • Fans were not being thrown out of WWE RAW in Omaha Monday Night because of CM Punk signs. This started on Twitter and took off. The accounts were nothing more than troll accounts.
  • The WWE has removed CM Punk from WWE Network adds.
  • The WWE has removed CM Punk from their RAW opening.
  • The WWE has removed CM Punk from their app.
  • CM Punk was advertised for the March 3rd RAW in Chicago in commercials that aired during last night’s RAW in the Chicago market. It is not surprising
  • The WWE is concerned with fans hi-jacking and disrupting the show with CM Punk chants much like they did the previous RAW with “Yes” chants.
  • Stephanie McMahon is reportedly vocally unhappy along with Triple H about the concern from Vince McMahon over CM Punk leaving. Vince is actively trying to get him back while Triple H is apparently indifferent about his return.
  • Dana White addressed the rumors of CM Punk coming to the UFC. He said he had not heard anything about it and thought it would be a risky venture for Punk aka Phil Brooks since he is in his mid 30’s. He also said it depended on whether or not he had the fighting skills necessary to be considered for a UFC contract.

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