kenny florian - ufc tonightThe following quotes are from tonight’s UFC 168 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1. The show was hosted by Jon Anik, with UFC light heavyweights Daniel Cormier and Chael Sonnen offering analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.


UFC 168 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1 Analyst Chael Sonnen on Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva: “There were lots of similarities from the last time they fought to tonight. At the start it was a feeling out process. Then we saw a single leg takedown by Weidman. Chris hurts Silva later in the round. There were no reckless submission attempts by Weidman.”


UFC 168 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1 Analyst Daniel Cormier on Weidman checking Silva’s kick: “You could tell that Chris had prepared for the kicks. Silva was going to kick him and he checked it perfectly.”


Chis Weidman on his leg check: “Ray Longo broke someone’s leg in the gym like that. I’ve been working on getting the knee on the shin to stop the leg kicks. It’s one of those things, you want to make them pay for it, but you don’t want to break it.”


Weidman on how he felt in the Octagon: “I felt good out there. There was nothing he was going to do to surprise me. I had a lot of tools over him.”


Weidman on his knee injury: “It’s probably a torn meniscus or some cartilage. I felt great in the fight. I’m not making any excuses. But I’ve got to go see some doctors to check it out. I might have to get it scoped, but I’m ready to get in there.”


Sonnen on if Silva would have retired if he won the fight: “I believe if Anderson left the fight healthy and with the belt, he would have retired. For him to come back after this, it’s wishful at best.”




Cormier on Ronda Rousey defeating Miesha Tate: “These girls fought at a pace I didn’t think they could keep. When it started, I said, Man, Ronda is getting better in the clinch, with her stand up. In the third round, she got a good judo throw. She set it up perfectly. Miesha did a great job learning how to defend the arm bar.”


Sonnen on Rousey vs. Tate: “These two ladies gave us the fight of the night. You could see Ronda fall into a groove as the fight went on. She failed four attempts at the armbar and she went back to the well one more time and it worked.”


Rousey on Tate: “I respect her as a fighter. She did an amazing job tonight. But I can’t shake her hand until she apologizes to me and my team for what she said.”


Rousey on getting the victory: “My worst habit is that I’m used to five-minute rounds in Judo, and I’m always in a rush. In the third round, I thought I could be more patient and take my time and find my shots. When I went slower I could see things open up and made it happen. I slowed it down and I’m happy it went a little longer this time.”


Rousey on getting booed by the crowd: “I went to 30 different countries for judo and got booed everywhere. Getting cheers is something new. I’d rather be the heel. Everyone talks about the Joker and not Batman. Gotham City needs the bad guy for the good guy to shine. I take the role that is needed for every situation and every fight is different.”


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Travis Browne on how he felt against Josh Barnett: “I felt quick and I felt fast in there. I don’t know if he was a little slower. A lot of people underestimate me in my grappling. I almost took him down. I think it’s that killer instinct people talk about. I’ve always had that. I see something and I go for it.”


Browne on fighting Werdum next: “I’m ready. Every time I fight, I’m honored. It’s not a street fight. I don’t have to hate you to fight you. I have a lot of honor and when I beat you I tried to represent that.”


UFC President Dana White on Silva breaking his leg: “It’s crazy, I’ve only see that happen three times. It’s one of those freak things. So his corner told me, that first kick that he checked, his shin cracked and it felt weird, then he broke it on the next kick. He’s on his way to the hospital for surgery right now.”


White on if Silva could come back from the injury: “Anything is possible. That could be the end or he could come back. It’s very disappointing if that’s his last fight. After something like that, you don’t ever want to throw another kick like that again. Nobody wants to win like that. It just takes things away from it. I would have never in a million years predicted that happening.”


White on Rousey getting booed by the crowd: “She makes no bones about it. She doesn’t care what you think about her.”

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