royce gracie-pmn

The who’s who of pioneers will gather today to field questions before UFC 167 weigh-ins. Royce Gracie,¬†Art Jimmerson, Mark Coleman, and Dan Severn will be on stage and how fitting considering these are some of the first men to grace the Octagon.

Art Jimmerson will go down as the man who kick started Royce Gracie’s career at UFC 1. The former boxer stepped up to the challenge and was defeated by Gracie in a fight that holds its value due to the historical importance of that fight. Mark Coleman introduced us to what ground and pound is today and was one of the first to really display wrestling as a base in MMA. Dan Severn has a storied MMA career that all started right inside the confines of the UFC.

Watch these men reunite and chat live in the player below.

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