The following quotes and video clips are from tonight’s UFC 164 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 for UFC 164: HENDERSON VS. PETTIS. The show was hosted byKaryn Bryant, with UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian offering analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.


UFC 164 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 Analyst Chael Sonnen on Benson Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis: “Anthony Pettis is the two-time world champ and he beat the same person both times. Benson has gotten better at grappling and Pettis beat him at his own game.”


UFC 164 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 Analyst Kenny Florian on Henderson vs. Pettis: “Pettis won it on the ground and that was even more impressive. He had Benson’s number. I’ve trained with Benson. To submit this guy is almost impossible.”


Anthony Pettis on his strategy against Henderson: “I knew Benson would shoot for the takedowns. I was worked on my strikes and land some kicks and I knew it would tire him out. The biggest thing was to not kick until we were comfortable with my takedown defense. I showed him like I was going over the top but I went up the center and hit him, and I saw his face change, and I just went from there.”


Pettis on what he thought about getting the submission against Henderson: “I was surprised myself that he tapped. The first time we fought I got him in a kimura and put his arm behind his head and he didn’t tap out. I heard him say ‘tap’ and I felt his elbow pop, so I let him go.”


Pettis on who he wants to fight next: “It’s up for the UFC. Jose Aldo’s coach called me out and said I faked my injury. I didn’t fake the injury. I want to fight him. I’ll do it at 145 or if he wants to do it at 155.”


Pettis vs. Henderson Highlights:


Anthony Pettis Interview:


Florian on how Josh Barnett scored the victory over Frank Mir: “Josh did his homework on Mir. The guys who put pressure on Mir do really well against him. Josh took away his size and length and put him in the clinch and that was the difference.”


Barnett on winning in his return to the UFC: “It felt great to be in there. It was a great opportunity to mix it up again. I’ve always said I’ll fight in any cage, any mat and any time.”


Barnett Interview:


Barnett vs. Mir Highlights:


UFC President Dana White on Anthony Pettis beating Benson Henderson: “It’s an amazing story, and more importantly, Henderson’s fought every tough guy in the division and Pettis came out and destroyed him. I’m blown away by his performance tonight.”


White if he wants Pettis to fight Aldo next: “I don’t hate it. We’ll see if Aldo wants that fight. After tonight, I don’t think anyone will want to fight Pettis. Grant and Lamas have been waiting.”


White on if he thought the Josh Barnett’s fight with Frank Mir was stopped too early: “I didn’t like the stoppage. Let him take a couple more shots to see if he can come back, but I think the outcome was going to be the same. I’ve seen a lot of guys go limp, and then they come back.”


White on if Chael Sonnen is going to fight Rashad Evans: “I started to talk to them about it. We’ve talked about a couple of options and I’ll get together with Lorenzo and Joe Silva and we’ll figure it out next week.”

Florian on Chad Mendes scoring the knockout victory over Clay Guida: “We’re seeing the continuation of the maturity of the striking game of Chad Mendes, but he also outwrestled Clay Guida, which is Guida’s specialty. Mendes waited for his chance to knock him out. He was patient.”


Mendes on his victory over Clay Guida: “I wanted to make a statement that I’m the best 145 pounder out there and I want that belt.”

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