Claudia Gadelha used a stifling top game to control and dominate Ayaka Hamasaki on the ground before finishing her with strikes at 3:58 of the final round. Not only does the TKO victory keep Gadelha undefeated, but more importantly sets her up to face Invicta FC strawweight champion Carla Esparza.

Ayaka Hamasaki came out swinging but immediately shot for a takedown that was easily stuffed by Claudia Gadelha. After a battle on the cage, it was Gadelha that would earn the fight’s first takedown as she tripped Hamasaki to the mat. Gadelha peppered the body of Hamasaki as she tried to advance position from the top. Hamasaki was unable to shake the top control of Gadelha as the first round came to an end.

After a quick exchange to start the second, Hamasaki again changed levels and shot for the takedown. Gadelha again shrugged off the attempt and took top position, quickly moving to side control. Hamasaki stayed busy on her back, trying to create enough space to escape, but the control of Gadelha continued to pose problems for her. Gadelha alternated her strikes between the body and head as she continued to control the pace of the fight. Gadelha eventually worked to a dominant full mount position and then patiently dropping punches from the top, before setting up a late arm triangle attempt. Hamasaki survived the attempt to make it to the third.

Gadelha earned a quick takedown to start the third and then worked on a choke from the back of Hamasaki. Hamasaki fought off the submission attempt before turning into and reversing Gadelha. Gadelha stayed busy on her back, looking for a crease of space to change positions. She found just that, reversing and taking the back of Hamasaki. Gadelha flattened Hamasaki out, landing punches from the top forcing her opponent to roll. Gadelha worked from a dominant full mount position, dropping elbows and big right hands from the top. She continued to pour on the punishment, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight at 3:58 of the round.

The TKO victory for Claudia Gadelha keeps her perfect at 11-0 (1-0 IFC).

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