[ads2]anderson Silva vs chris weidman-hold titleSo the UFC 162 event is in the books and we have a new UFC middleweight champion in Chris Weidman after he knocked out Anderson Silva on Saturday night.

UFC President Dana White stated that there would be an immediate rematch for Silva should he lose to Weidman, however, Silva seemed like he wasn’t interested in that fight in the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan on Saturday.

I believe the rematch will happen. It’s the only fight for Anderson Silva that makes sense, and well, it would be a huge PPV event which would generate a massive amount of money for him.

If you haven’t checked out my preview of the first encounter, I suggest you do that now as the rest of this piece will be tied to it a bit.

Who would win this hypothetical rematch should it take place in the future?

I think the general consensus is that Anderson Silva probably lost the first round as Weidman was able to put him his back and land some decent strikes from top position. However, after scrambling through a sequence of submission attempts Silva but began to get into the head of Chris Weidman near the end of the round as he got back up to his feet. The beginning of the second round would support that statement as Silva basically toyed and taunted Weidman the entire time, landing strikes whenever he wanted right up until the point where he got clipped with a punch that put him down and allowed Weidman to follow up and finish him off. Here’s what I tweeted right after the fight:

“Congrats to Chris Weidman for taking advantage of Silva toying with him and getting the win”.

There are some folk arguing that the Silva that fought on Saturday night wasn’t doing anything from the norm with his taunting antics. It’s true Silva taunted/clowned Stephan Bonnar in his fight prior to Weidman and others before that. However, it was the sparse amount of strikes that Silva threw that was different from the other fights. In the second round alone, Silva threw six strikes, landing five of them in just under four minutes. However, in the Bonnar fight, Silva threw 35 strikes in just about the same amount of time while landing 27 of them.

The difference was that Silva wasn’t attacking once he taunted Weidman or made him miss. There were several instances where he had double underhooks with Weidman’s face looking downward, but Silva shrugged Weidman off to taunt him more instead of delivering a knee to the face that surely would have landed. I still don’t understand why Silva continued to taunt Weidman. He had already baited him into abandoning his wrestling and forced him to strike which is where Silva wanted to be.

That brings me to what could happen in the next fight.

Weidman has the confidence that he is capable of knocking Silva out if he hits him just right on the button. He knows that Silva may try to bait him into striking with him again, so he should be even more prepared for it the second go around than compared to Saturday night. He’s had a chance to gauge the speed of Silva as well as his movements in the cage.

On the flip side, Silva has had the opportunity to do the same with Weidman’s wrestling as well as his speed (or lack thereof).

Silva was able to stop two of Weidman’s three takedown attempts, and it was evident that Silva had the advantage in the striking department had he concentrated on inflicting damage instead of taunting Weidman.

Would Silva treat Weidman the way he did Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort? We didn’t see Silva shucking and diving against those two guys, and we know the end results of those two fights. Would Silva taunt him to the extreme again? Would Weidman come in a bit overconfident knowing that he’s already knocked Silva out once before?

I’d say I’d have to go with the former champion to win the rematch IF he fought with the intent to fight and not taunt the entire time. I didn’t see anything from Weidman that would lead me to believe that he would absolutely beat Silva in the rematch.

I just want the rematch to happen.

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  2. “I think the general consensus is that Anderson Silva probably lost the first round ” – Weidman completely dominated the first round, Anderson landed absolutely nothing significant. “landing strikes whenever he wanted right ” – nothing significant. He landed a few weak jabs and that is all. There’s no reason to think Anderson was doing anything other than trying to get Weidman to act crazy because Anderson didn’t think he could strike without getting taken down. Weidman landed more strikes in the first round and an equal number in the second round. This column is idiotically biased and misleading. Silva could certainly win a rematch but he had nothing in this fight.

  3. don’t give me this “good sir” nonsense. Silva landed a few weak strikes, fewer than Weidman, and he also got taken down and beat on. The first round wasn’t close. Then, after failing to get his clowning “strategy” to work, silva got knocked out early in the second. You’ve got nothing. You’ve got “surely would have landed” just like this column surely would’ve been better if it made any attempt to be reasonable.

  4. the stats show Weidman winning every category – sig strikes, overall strikes, sub attempts, takedowns, passes. Anderson’s prancing isn’t considered offense and doesn’t get him anything.

  5. Stats prove Weidman didn’t ‘dominate’ as you indicated is all I was proving good sir

  6. there’s nothing he could’ve done that you would concede as dominance. He dominated the first round and Anderson refused to engage in the second round until he got splattered.

  7. He won the first round yes…but dominated…lol…you reaching like Stretch Armstrong…

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