UFC President Dana White talks about the potential rematch between former UFC midddleweight champion Anderson Silva and the new champion Chris Weidman. He thinks Silva lost the fight because he was clowning around, but also believes the rematch will be the biggest fight in UFC history.

We’ve heard some hyperbole from White in the past about some fights being the biggest fight in UFC history. However, he may have a point on this fight.

Chael Sonnen was the first fighter in the UFC to make Silva seem human after talking all kinds of smack leading up to their first encounter at UFC 117. Granted, Sonnen lost the fight in the final round, the rematch did over 900,000 PPV buys. The first bout did around 600,000 PPV buys.

The largest UFC PPV of all time was UFC 100 with 1.6 million buys. That event featured to two largest PPV draws in UFC history with Brock Lesnar and Georges St-Pierre. Is it possible that the potential rematch between Silva/Weidman could surpass that mark?

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