UFC on Fuel TVThe following quotes are from tonight’s UFC 161 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV for UFC 161: EVANS VS. HENDERSON. The show was hosted by Karyn Bryant, with UFC bantamweight ChampionDominick Cruz, light heavyweight Chael Sonnen and heavyweight Daniel Cormier offering analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.


UFC 161 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Daniel Cormier on Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson decision: “I think Rashad won the fight. I thought it was a close fight and it came down to the third round. Rashad Evan showed what he didn’t show in his last fight: determination and the will to win that fight. In the third round he really did take it to Dan and that was the clearest round on the entire fight.”


UFC 161 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Dominick Cruz on why Henderson couldn’t fight Evans just anywhere: “Rashad’s an analyst. He understands you can only fight certain people in certain areas because you want to keep away from their strengths. Evans made Dan Henderson fight his fight, and that’s why he won tonight.”


UFC 161 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Chael Sonnen on Evans’ win: “Even when he wasn’t successful in taking him (Henderson) down, even when he went for those shots and failed, he kept Dan on the defense and that’s a clock running in your favor when you’re a judge that’s going to a decision. You’re looking at who’s controlling the cage, who’s pressing the pace. It was Rashad Evans. You’ve got to give that to Rashad.”


Cruz on Henderson’s career thus far: “Dan Henderson is far from done. There are guys who fight tooth and nail to just get in the top ten. Dan Henderson will be in the top ten for a long time in my opinion. He’s not going anywhere. The guy’s got the mind for it, he still wants to fight and he still has the heart for it. He didn’t get killed by any means in this fight, and that’s against a guy like Rashad Evans – a former champion who is in his prime.”


Evans on if he’s happy with the win: “I’ve learned in this game, be happy with the win because they don’t always come. But the critic in me says I didn’t do everything I wanted to.”


Evans on if he felt he needed the win: “I did need to get that win, desperately. I wanted to perform well. I wanted to execute.”


Evans on if he was rocked by Henderson in the fight: “He rocked me good enough that I don’t know what punch he hit me with. I didn’t see the jab.”


Evans on who he wants to fight next: “I heard Glover Teixeira wanted the winner. I’m not turning anyone down.”


Dan Henderson on why he can stomach this loss more so than his last: “He stood there and fought me. He didn’t run away. It was a close fight. I thought I won. He kept the pressure on in the third round and never let me get a little breather. He did a great job fighting tonight.”


Henderson on if he’ll fight again: “Absolutely. I’m just a little more pissed off now than before. More pissed at myself than anyone else. I’ve got no one else to blame.”


UFC President Dana White on if he thought Evans beat Henderson: “Yes. It was one of those fights that was close. If it went either way, I wouldn’t have said what I said during the Woodley fight.”


White on if he thinks Evans proved he’s back with tonight’s performance: “There’s no doubt. Beating a guy like Dan Henderson means something. Rashad needs to get that killer instinct back. He got his head back, physically came back, and he looked great tonight.”


White on if Henderson still has what it takes to compete with the best at 205: “I don’t know. Like I said, this fight could have gone either way tonight. You never know. Dan Henderson lands that right hand on anybody, anybody can go out.”


White on whether he was surprised by the Nelson vs. Miocic result: “I was surprised by how tired Roy was, but no, Stipe’s a good fighter. He’s nine and one. The kid’s a talented heavyweight.”


White on whether Anthony Pettis will be ready for UFC 164 on August 31: “He will not be ready by that date. The doctor, whom I respect and listen to, says that he won’t be. I’m going to fly him in to Vegas this week and have him looked at again for a second opinion. I don’t want this kid to rush it. There’s no rush for him to fight.”


Cormier on how Stipe Miocic beat Roy Nelson: “This was a big fight for Nelson who was at the end of contract. Stipe fought the fight that he had to. He used his range, and sharp, clean boxing. He circled away from the big right hand and got his jabs in there and wore him down. When Roy finally did get it going, there wasn’t much left on it.”


Stipe Miocic on what helped him get the victory: “I have the best coaches in the world. My coaches make the best game plan for me and I felt confident every time coming in. I wobbled him in the early round, and then I thought: ‘I belong here’ and I kept going.”


Nelson on why he lost the fight: “Stipe was just a better man. I gave 110 percent for two weeks’ notice. I mean, you gotta do what you’ve gotta do, but the good thing is the fans in Winnipeg got their money’s worth.”


Nelson on if he thinks he’ll be back in the UFC: “That’s really up to the UFC – Lorenzo and Dana. I know I’m in the business of fighting, so I fight. If they want me, I’m more than happy to be where I’m wanted.”


Shawn Jordan on finishing Pat Barry so quickly: “It’s always surprising to finish them that fast. We always train for a long fight. It’s bittersweet because he’s a friend of mine. It’s not tough to fight the guy. It’s tough to have a winner or loser.”


Jordan if he’s redeemed his last loss in Canada: “It’s always hard to come off a bad showing. They pay us to do put on a good show. It’s great to give something for the fans to cheer for. I always train to finish someone. I don’t want to fight a full 15 minutes. I don’t get paid by the minute.”

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