jimmo vs pokrajac

Ryan Jimmo used a stifling attack to wear down and grind out a tough unanimous decision victory over Igor Pokrajac at UFC 161 with scores of 30-27 across the board.

Jimmo came out landing kicks to start but the action stalled once the fighters went to the clinch on the cage. The referee stopped the action to reset the fighters several times on the cage as the round wore on. Jimmo finally got on track with his kicks, and then a powerful right hand down the middle as Pokrajac pursued him. Pokrajac scored late with a blistering right hand that stunned Jimmo, then went on the attack in the pocket. An exchange ensued that lasted until the bell.

The battle continued in the second, as Jimmo landed with a stiff right hand that wobbled Pokrajac. a follow up grazing left hook dropped Pokrajac. After eating some hammerfists, Pokrajac scrambled to his feet but was quickly taken back down to the mat. Jimmo managed to land a few right hands, but Pokrajac found the time he needed to recover as he mostly controlled the posture of Jimmo. After an upkick landed from Pokrajac, Jimmo scrambled to side control and landed with knees to the body as time ran down on the second frame.

After clinching early in the final round, Pokrajac secured a trip takedown, but ended up on the bottom once again. Pokrajac used firm wrist control to dictate the posture of Jimmo, avoiding damaging shots before locking up a guillotine with Jimmo in his full guard. Jimmo drove down through the choke while Pokrajac squeezed with all that he had. Jimmo survived the submission attempt before the fight resumed on the feet. A late restart after a stall in the action capped off the final round.

After the scorecards came back, it would be Ryan Jimmo (18-2 MMA, 2-1 UFC) getting back into the win column via unanimous decision with scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 30-27.

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