Mike Ricci vs. Colin Fletcher
Mike Ricci vs. Colin Fletcher

Both Mike Ricci and Colin Fletcher came into their bout at UFC 158 as TUF finalists and both were looking to get their first win in the UFC’s octagon after dropping their UFC debuts.

After three rounds of action, it would be Mike Ricci walking away with that coveted first win as he controlled the bout from start to finish to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Colin Fletcher came out to open the fight using his kicks to dictate the pace and control the distance. “The Freakshow” landed several snapping leg kicks, then mixed in kicks to the body of Mike Ricci. Ricci countered with his left hand and mixed in kicks of his own, but it was Fletcher that was the busier fighter as the round wore on. A late takedown attempt by Fletcher was stopped by Ricci as time ran out on the opening round.

Ricci came out in the second with a sense of urgency, landing a head kick and securing an early takedown. Ricci managed to land some good shots from the top but was unable to keep Fletcher grounded as both fighters made their way back to their feet. Ricci kept the pressure on Fletcher, stalking him around the octagon and mixing in a stiff jab with his kicks to take control of the round.

Listening to the advice from his corner, Fletcher came out and closed the distance to start the final round looking to take the fight to the mat. Ricci easily defended multiple attempts however, and landed with flush elbows before disengaging. Instead it was Ricci that would secure a takedown, and once he was there, he punished Fletcher with shots from the top forcing “The Freakshow” to roll and give up his back. Ricci looked to finish with the rear naked choke before transitioning to an armbar attempt but time ran out on the bout.

Once the scorecards came back it was Mike Ricci (8-3 MMA, 1-1 UFC) that was awarded the unanimous decision victory with scores of 30-27 across the board.

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