If you’ve never heard of the name Chris Barnett, it’s probably because he hasn’t fought in MMA since April 22nd, 2011. He was sidelined by an unethical promoter: “Every time I had another MMA fight scheduled, this promoter would call the other organizations and harass them and I didn’t have an exclusive contract with him.” Chris kept active by knocking out his opponent in his professional boxing debut, even with all the negativity surrounding him. In case you were wondering if he is a complete fighter, he just won N.A.G.A two weeks ago.

Chris Barnett is currently not a household name, but that’s all about to change. “I’m coming and making the MFC my home, in my opinion it’s the #2 organization in the world right behind the obvious, for the simple fact that all their title holders are world class athletes and when they decide to take that next step in their careers they make history.” Barnett is referring to Ryan Jimmo’s (MFC Light Heavyweight champion/alumni) 7 second knockout record.

Barnett trains with Jimmo and the rest of the blackzillians Alistair Overeem, Rumble Johnson, Tyrone Spong and Rashad Evans just to name a few.  “Those guys all speak highly of me, I went down there to really find out where I was at and now I know that I am exactly where I need to be, this is my sport and it was a huge confidence boaster training with all those guys.” It’s safe to say that all this high level training really put fuel on his fire.

Barnett also known as “Beast Boy” was originally born in Spain and was raised in multiple cities in Europe. His teenage years were spent travelling the United States living in Colorado, Texas and wrestling in Georgia. He finally made it to Florida playing football for the University of South Florida (USF-NCAA Div 1), that’s where he resides to this day. Now it’s time for the “beast boy” to make it in Canada, signing a 4 fight deal with the Maximum Fighting Championship.  “I have never heard one negative thing about the MFC and if they would have me at every show I would get an MFC tattoo… I have never been this excited about anything; my heart is thumping just talking about this opportunity.”

“My biggest fear is not living up to my family’s legacy and disappointing my loved ones. I come from a family where you have to become somebody or be shunned.” On Friday May 10th at MFC 37 True Grit Chris Barnett will have the opportunity to make his family proud and become the MFC world heavyweight champion when he faces undefeated Smealinho “the prince” Rama.  The Prince has a flawless record of 6-0 with 6 finishes in the first round and has been perfect with his pre fight predictions. On the other hand Beast Boy has his own prediction “I will finish him with a TKO in the second.”

“If anybody has anything to say on why I am getting this title shot, line them up and I will show them exactly why I am getting a shot at that MFC championship”  Barnett is a very dedicated man who has a low tolerance for laziness and pushes himself to the limit in the gym every day.  He has been blessed with self motivation and prides himself on the fact that you can’t teach heart. “I don’t ever want to be known as not humble, but what I’m doing and where my spirit’s at right now I feel unstoppable, I feel like I can take 6 bullets and push through it.”

Barnett knows how dangerous Rama is when it comes to the MFC heavyweight division but he has been waiting for this opportunity his whole life and he’s never been more ready. “I want a challenge, I want a young lion. Rama is exactly what I want for my next fight, I mean his boxing is decent but anybody with a 4 ounce glove and some weight behind him can get a knockout, but he’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Rama seems to be able to talk his way into his opponent’s heads; considering he did it against Hackert with the first round finish, it seems like it’s been working in his favor. Beast Boy is the opposite “I’m about putting in work, having fun and putting on a show but if he has a big mouth I have a big fist.” This match up seems interesting from all angles, the MFC ring is going to be on fire when heavyweight sensations Rama and Barnett meet for a chance to become the next MFC world heavyweight champion. It is obvious both these fighters are hungry for glory. We will find out who has TRUE GRIT and who will leave MFC 37 the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world live on AXS TV from the Shaw conference center in Edmonton, Canada on May 10th which can’t come fast enough.  In closing Chris “Beast Boy” Barnett (7-1) had this to say to the MFC fans “Have you ever seen kung fu panda in real life? he laughed, but in all seriousness you better come watch this fight because it’s time for me to build my legacy and I feel like it’s my job to humble fighters’ with massive ego’s.”

MFC 37: True Grit pre-sale tickets are available now by calling the MFC ticket hotline at 780-504-2024, the event is live FRIDAY MAY 10TH from the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton,Canada.

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