eddie-alvarez-at-bellator-5-ground-n-poundUFC President Dana White was interviewed in the “UFC Tonight” show that airs on FUEL TV, and was asked by analyst Kenny Florian to provide an update on the Eddie Alvarez situation. We’ve covered the Alvarez situation here at ProMMAnow.com.

Alvarez completed his contract with Bellator and the negotiation period was waived by Bellator so he could get an offer from the UFC with the right to match. Bellator claims they have matched the offer, Alvarez doesn’t think it’s the same deal and now the two are going to go to court over the matter. White gives his opinion on the situation:

The right to match deal works out for the fighters. That’s where a fighter finds out what he’s truly worth..is when that right to match comes in. The lawyer for Bellator is the biggest…he’s either the biggest moron in the history of the world or a liar. For this guy to go out there and say that Spike and FOX are exactly the same…they’re comparable…is the most ridiculous statement ever made in the history of the world. To compare FOX network to Spike TV…how many critically acclaimed programs does Spike TV have…what kind of numbers does Spike TV pull every week. Our prelims on FX pull bigger numbers than their LIVE main events do…on FX….let’s not even talk about FOX…FOX shouldn’t even be in the discussion. Eddie Alvarez is getting screwed big time..the judge…you go into a judge and he’s not educated on television, television networks, on PPV. The thing is to that drives me crazy. It’s not Spike TV, it’s Viacom, there’s a pompous, arrogant, clown, that runs Viacom…his name is Philippe Dauman. This guy has claimed that he built the UFC…claims that he built the UFC. Let me remind everybody..the UFC was a time buy on Spike TV. We paid 10 million dollars in a time buy to be on Spike TV.

White goes on and on about how Viacom is behind it all and is implying that they don’t want to play Alvarez what he’s supposed to be paid in an epic rant. It could be months before the entire situation works out in the courts. Alvarez has communicated that he wants to sign with the UFC, and has gone so far as to compare the UFC’s contract fine dining while Bellator is like fast food. It’s a very important case for Bellator. If they were to lose the case against Alvarez it would be two fold. They would lose one of their better fighters, but their current roster has seen what was offered to Alvarez. There are champions in Bellator that do not make what Alvarez was making, and you can be sure that they’ll be bring that up when it’s time to negotiate a new contract.

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