If Justin Bieber had grown up in Huntington Beach and drank cases of beer on a weekly basis, you might be staring at his 47-year-old doppelganger. Instead, you are looking at the one and only David “Tank” Abbott who frightened women and children and inspired a generation of wannabe tough guys starting at UFC 6 way back in 1995.

Tank was the original MMA trash-talker, and although his organized pro MMA days are over, he can still lay down a verbal beating like nobody’s business. Tank was a fighter — he shunned the idea of MMA being a sport and mocked martial arts.

Whether it was at the bar, the streets, or in the cage, Abbott was ready to throwdown and he was the type of guy that really gave you the impression he might just eat your kids if they got too close to him.

In the following interview Tank talks with MMAPrime.tv reporter Aaron Tru about modern day MMA compared to the early no-holds barred days, he takes some shots at Tito Ortiz and even calls him a “con man”. Tank also discusses his NHB backyard brawl he had last year with his former UFC 11 opponent Scott Ferrozzo.

Tank makes it very clear he has not read Frank Shamrock‘s new book “Uncaged” and does not believe “The Legend” was able to actually write it himself. Tank does, however, plug his own new book and points out that he did indeed pen it himself (Tank Bukowski?). And for those wondering if we’ll ever see this national treasure back inside the cage, Tank says fighting is in his blood and he would get back in there if the right offer came around. All this and much more with David “Tank” Abbott:

Pick up a paperback copy or download the Kindle edition of David “Tank” Abbott’s book “Bar Brawler” or a hardback edition or Kindle version of Frank Shamrock’s book “Uncaged” below:

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