Tim Sylvia vs. Andreil Arlovski at ONE FC
Former UFC heavyweight champions Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski fought for a fourth time at “ONE FC: Pride of a Nation”. Photo courtesy of ONE FC

If you missed “ONE FC: Pride of a Nation” on Friday you were spared the incredible heartbreak of having to see Andrei Arlovski‘s beautiful victory and Pride-like finish of Tim Sylvia suddenly get turned into a “No Contest” due to a technicality in the rules that must have certainly been invented by Adolf Hitler himself.

Up until that point the entire event gave you the feel of a throwback to the Pride days. Lenne Hardt was on the mic. Referee Yuji Shimada was in the cage. Fans were told the fights were being judged as a whole and not round-by-round on the 10-point must system. For a moment you felt like you were back in Saitama Super Arena and Fedor or Sakuraba would walk out any minute.

Hell, Phil Baroni even finished his fight using soccer kicks earlier in the night.

But then it happened…

Like someone pulled back the veil of the Matrix.

It was like watching Cinderella’s carriage turned into a pumpkin or her gorgeous gown turned into rags at the stroke of midnight. It was a cruel joke from the gods — like if Jon Jones called a press conference to announce he was leaving MMA and taking up badminton.

It was pure evil I tell you!

Now that we’ve prepared you for what your about to see it won’t sting quite as much. You’ll be able to bear the pain and withstand the shock. We would never be so cruel to show you this live with no warning at all. And we’d never be so unloving as to not show you a fight between two former UFC heavyweight champions who were once considered among the best in the world.

Hear what Arlovski had to say about the controversial ending in this post-fight video blog.

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