ONE FC: Pride of a Nation” takes place today at Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines. The main event features a bantamweight match-up between two BJJ black belts as Australia’s Gustavo Falciroli takes on DREAM 145-pound champ Bibiano Fernandes.

Also, two former UFC heavyweight champions clash for a fourth time as Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski settle their ‘How tastes my pee-pee?” beef.  The inaugural UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver returns to action against undefeated submission ace Eric Kelly at featherweight. Rolles Gracie takes on fellow Gracie black belt Tony “The Gun” Bonello at heavyweight, Igor Gracie faces Jung Hwan Cha at welterweight and Felipe Enomoto battles URCC welterweight champ Eduard Folayang at lightweight… and that’s just the main card!

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“ONE FC: Pride of a Nation” quick results:


  • Bibiano Fernandes def. Gustavo Falciroli by unanimous decision
  • Eduard Folayang def. Felipe Enomoto by unanimous decision
  • Andrei Arlovski vs. Tim Sylvia ends in a No Contest (Sylvia wusses out)
  • Eric Kelly def. Jens Pulver by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (1:46)
  • Rolles Gracie def. Tony Bonello by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 3 (1:33) 
  • Jung Hwan Cha def. Igor Gracie by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (1:03)
  • Soo Chul Kim def. Kevin Belingon by unanimous decision


  • Gregor Gracie def. Nicholas Mann by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (3:28)
  • Phil Baroni def. Rodrigo Ribeiro by TKO (soccer kicks) Rd 1 (1:00)
  • Shannon Wiratchai def. Mitch Chilson by TKO (soccer kick) Rd 2 (2:30)
  • Honorio Banario def. Andrew Benibe by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (3:47)

“ONE FC: Pride of a Nation” play-by-play:

(170) Jung Hwan Cha vs. Igor Gracie

Round 1 – As a reminder, fight is judged as a whole, not by rounds. Touch gloves. Overhand right from Igor misses. He fakes a shot, leg kick. High kick from Jung is blocked. Feeling out period. Right from Jung misses. Leg kick inside from Jung. Left connects from Igor, follows up with a combo mostly blocked. Igor shoots, gets Jung to his butt but he uses the cage to get back up. Igor still leaning on him with one underhook, drops levels and puts Jung back down with his back to the cage. Jung holding on to him. Ref wants action. Jung gets up but eats a knee on the way up. Lands a few more knees but loses his balance and ends up on his back on the ground and Jung attacks. Bad choice for Jung as Gracie  goes for an armbar. Jung trying to fight it off as they roll. Stalemate for a moment as Jung tries to figure a way out. Igor remains patient waiting for a mistake, the scramble and Jung attempts a submission, the scramble to their feet at the bell. PMN scores the round for Igor.

Round 2 – Igor shoots, stuffed, clinched up as they struggle for position. Jung lands a knee as the fight goes to the ground. Igor on top as Jung’s back is against the cage and he makes his way to his feet. Igor drops levels looking to keep him down. Jung with a knee to the body. Igor being very focused on getting him back down and he succeeds. Once again Jung uses the cage to get back up, lands a knee to the body. Clinched against the cage as they struggle for position. Jung uses a leg trip takedown and gets Igor in a crucifix position and lands several punches to Igor’s noggin. Jung now on top in half guard and trying to pass. Jung passes to side mount. Jung puts him in a crucifix again and Jung unleashes a barrage of elbows and punches to the face. Igor reverses amazingly and gets to his feet. They square up, Igor looks exhausted and gets a haircut with a spinning wheel kick from Jung.  Great action! PMN scores the round for Cha.

Round 3 – Big right hand from Cha followed by a flying knee. Gracie goes to the ground in pure defense mode and Cha attacks with strikes. He pours it on and Cha finishes Gracie off with big elbows and punches from top position as Gracie just covers up.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jung Hwan Cha def. Igor Gracie by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (1:03)

GRADE for fight: A

(HW) Tony Bonello vs. Rolles Gracie

Round 1 – Heavyweights. Gracie is taller. Front kick to the body from Rolles. Feeling out. Body kick from Bonello, Gracie catches it, times the shot perfectly and puts Bonello on his back. Works to mount within a matter of about 4 seconds. Bonello is also a Gracie blackbelt. Rolles smothering Bonello with one arm behind his head and leaning down on him. Bonello tries to explode out as Rolles postures up but Rolles maintains his control. A few small punches from Rolles. Rolles lands a few punches as Bonello tries to kick out. Bonello now holding on. Rolles locks up a head and arm triangle. Beonello flailing but is able to escape to his feet. Rolles gets up and Bonello goes for a guillotine, but Gracie puts him on his back and is immediately out of danger. PMN scores round one for Rolles…. easily.

Round 2 – Bonello has a cut over his eye from round one. Bonello swings with a big left and Rolles times it perfectly once again and puts Bonello on his back. Rolles’ timing looking great like GSP-esque. Rolles on top in half guard. Fairly easily moves to full mount and starts landing a few punches. Rolles uses his forearm and elbow to grind on Bonello. Rolles lands a few big punches, gets a modified crucifix type position and lands more big shots. Bonello gets out of that awkward position but Rolles moves back to full mount and lands more punches. Bonello bucks up and Rolles moves to side control, then back to full mount. Rolles using his economy of energy perfectly. Rolles postures up with big punches. Bonello reverses position and ends up on top inside full guard. Gracie holding on, landing a few small punches. Bonello decides to stand up. He kicks the legs of his downed opponent, dives in with a punch and Gracie reverses him to full mount, moves to knee to belly as Bonello holds onto his neck. Big round fro Rolles. DOMINANT — Rolles really looks good in this fight.

Round 3 – Bonello’s appearance on Bully Beatdown was pretty memorable. But Rolles is bullying him in this fight. They clinch up against the cage, knees from Rolles. Rolles drops levels looking for a single. There’s a scramble and Bonello turtles up. Bad choice for Bonello as Gracie jumps on his back, puts his hooks in and Bonello quickly taps. Amazing performance from heavyweight Rolles Gracie.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rolles Gracie def. Tony Bonello by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 3 (1:33)

GRADE for fight: A

(145) Jens Pulver vs. Eric Kelly

Round 1 – Very dangerous fight for Pulver. Kelly is a submission specialist and is undefeated. Touch gloves. Front kick from Kelly. Leg kick. Overhand right, he attacks but Pulver puts him on his back. Kelly reverses quickly and is on top inside full guard. Pulver uses the cage to get to his feet. Kelly tries to judo throw him, no dice. They do some Greco wrestling and then square back up. Leg kick from Kelly, he throws a combo but Pulver apparently countered him (so fast I missed it) but Kelly went down. He’s back up and they are exchanging big punches. Pulver connects with a big shot. Kelly retaliates and lands a left right. They measure distance, leg kick from Kelly. Pulver checks the next one. Nice body kick from Pulver, two big left hooks to the body from Pulver. It goes to the ground and Pulver goes for a north south choke, lets it go and now has one leg and his neck locked up and puts a knee to the ribs. He stands back up and lets Kelly up. Misses a body kick. Head kick from Kelly scores. Pulver eats it. Left hook from Kelly. Right from Kelly. Left from Pulver. Great action and Pulver’s chin was tested and passed with flying colors. Close round. PMN scores the round for Pulver.

Round 2 – Leg kick inside from Kelly. Brief clinch, two big right hands from Kelly. Pulver may be hurt. Stands firm but gets wobbled with another shot. Pulver shoots. Kelly sprawls. They are back up. Kelly rocks him with punches, leg kick. Pulver his hurt. Kelly drops him with a big kick to the body. Pulver turtles up and Kelly finishes him off. Hard to watch.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Kelly def. Jens Pulver by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (1:46)

Pulver said he’s nearing retirement but still has a couple fights left. Pulver said his last three wins were at 135 but took this fight at 145 because he thought it was a great opportunity. Pulver also called Kelly the “Manny Pacquiao of MMA”.

GRADE for fight: A


Kelly will fight for the 145 pound ONE FC title on October 6th in Singapore against fellow Filipino Honorio Banario, who won earlier tonight with a third round TKO over Andrew Benibe.

(HW) Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski

Round 1 – Rumor is Tim has a hurt hand. Front kick to the knee from Andrei. Tim pressing. Eats a left. Tim looking flabby. Big leg kick from Andrei. Nice right from Tim. Clinch, dirty boxing from Tim, big body shots and shots to the head. They affected Andrei for sure. He clinches up with Tim, puts him against the cage. It would be smart to tire out Tim because he looks not in great shape. Big left right from Andrei as he backs out, front kick, leg kick. Tim clinches. Against the cage. Over under from Andrei. Small body shots and knees to the thighs from Tim. Tim holding the cage so ref can’t see. Ref separates them. Big leg kicks and an overhand right from Andrei. Andrei talking smack and picking Tim apart with leg kicks and a front kick. Tim clinches up, had enough of the toe to toe and pushes Andrei to the cage. Nice knees from Tim. Ref separates them. Nice left from Tim. Leg kick from Andrei. Left from Andrei but he is leaving it out, not snapping it. Big right hands from Tim hurts Andrei. He lands a couple more. Big right from Andrei. Clinched against the cage. Some great action really. PMN scores the round from Tim Sylvia.

Round 2 – Tim is breathing very hard. One two leg kick from Andrei. His hands are low though. One two from Andrei, big body shot, big left hand. Front kick, right hand. Andrei letting it go now. Leg kick. Dirty boxing from Tim inside the clinch. Andrei with some body shots. There was a head butt by Arlovski and brief time is called. Andrei picking Tim apart with strikes. Leg kicks and punches. Tim pushes him to the cage. Knee to the body in slow motion. Andrei turns him around. I dare say any UFC heavyweight would beat either of these guys in the shape they are in right now. Andrei lands some punches. Tim tries to complain about an eye poke and Andrei continues to punch him as he lets his guard down to try and complain. Tim gets rocked for a moment before initiating the clinch. Andrei backs up with a one two, leg kick. Jab. Knee from Tim. Andrei getting sloppy with his punches. For some reason when he throws his left hand, he leaves it out and doesn’t bring it back. Not sure what that means but it’s not smart. Big one two from Andrei. Andrei drops Tim after hitting him with a huge right hand, another left hand and then another right and Tim wobbles like a bobble-head. Andrei gives him a soccer kick that hits his shoulder, then one right to the head. Everyone thinks the fight is over. But apparently it’s a time out as Andrei is penalized for the illegal blow. They allow soccer kicks but the ref has to signal that it is okay DURING THE BOUT — an incredibly weird rule. — Tim is currently deciding if he wants to continue. If he doesn’t continue, he will win by DQ.  That would be a real shame… and would not gain him a single fan I do believe.

Tim appears okay. But Tim is shaking his head and it looks like he is pussing out.  I’m sorry but Tim evidently just wants out. Yep… he quit.  He’s not even hurt — at least not from the kick. Complete B.S.  — If Tim wants back in the UFC, this won’t get him there. Arlovski won this fight in my eyes. He blasted Sylvia and basically knocked him out. The “soccer kick” barely even landed. VERY DISAPPOINTING. Look — I’m no pro fighter, so my opinion probably means very little. But you see guys in there with real heart, guys with that never give up attitude, guys who won’t stop until they are completely unconscious or dead. Well, Tim Sylvia is the opposite of that. He wanted a way out and he got it. Arlovski won this fight but Sylvia saved his record on paper from getting a “L” — but in reality he lost and everyone who saw this fight knows it. He kept the loss of his record by a very strange technicality in the One FC rules that you can only throw soccer kicks during the fight when the ref signals it is okay.  That’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion. There you go.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Andrei Arlovski vs. Tim Sylvia ends in a No Contest (illegal soccer kick)

GRADE for fight: A

(155) Felipe Enomoto vs. Eduard Folayang

Round 1 – Enomoto with a left jab. Nice body kick from Eduard. Left from Eduard. Nice right from Felipe. Big inside leg kick from Eduard. Nice counter right from Eduard followed by a leg kick. Nice right from Felipe. Nice right body kick from Eduard. Right from Felipe and Eduard returns with about a six punch combo and a kick. Right to the body from Eduard, leg kick from Felipe. Body kick from Eduard. These guys have some very lightning fast strikes. Nice right from Felipe, then a big left. Inside leg kick from Eduard, right left right punches to follow. Inside leg kick. Nice left rocks Felipe’s head back. Spinning back kick. Left jab from Felipe. Leg kick from Felipe, he eats a couple punches. Body kick from Eduard. PMN scores the round for Eduard Folayang.

Round 2 – Eduard lands a several punch combo to start. Leg kick from Felipe. Left right from Eduard scores. Nice counter from Eduard, he lands a punch combo and keeps on going. Body kick. Eduard’s combinations are sick. Nice right, and a body kick from Eduard. Leg kick from Felipe. Spinning back kick right to the gut from Eduard, leg kick. Overhand right from Felipe, leg kick. One two from Eduard. he rocks Felipe with another right left. Side kick. Again. Front kick from Felipe, he continues to move forward. One two three four punches from Eduard, they clinch up, Eduard backs out with punches. Felipe continues to come forward though with ones and twos and leg kicks. Nice leg kick from Felipe. Again. Eduard drops Feliipe with a huge right hand. He pounces like a tiger on a piece of meat and unleashes a hurricane of brutality but Felipe is saved by the bell. PMN scores the round for Eduard — very dominant round.

Round 3 – Nice right from Felipe. Eduard fires back with a one two body kick. Big leg kick from Felipe. Leg kick from Felipe, eats a one two. Eduard has bad intentions on every punch. Big right from Eduard. Leg kick from Felipe. Body kick from Felipe. Leg kick inside from Eduard. Clinch, knee from Felipe. One two from Eduard. Body kick from Felipe. Left hand from Felipe, leg kick, another inside. Leg kick from Eduard. Leg kick from Felipe inside. Eduard slowing down, coasting in as he is probably well ahead at this point. Eduard catches a kick and puts Felipe down. Felipe lands an upkick but not much on it really. PMN scores the round and fight for Eduard Folayang.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eduard Folayang def. Felipe Enomoto by unanimous decision

GRADE for fight: B


Eduard Folayang has been granted a 155-pound ONE FC title shot against Zorobabel Moreira on October 6th in Singapore.


(135) Gustavo Falciroli vs. Bibiano Fernandes

Round 1 – Bibiano ends up on top as the fight goes to the ground. Falciroli with a right. Inside leg kick. Knee from Bibiano, leg kick. Takedown from Bibiano, easily with a single leg. Bibiano on top in half guard. Couple of hammerfists and elbows to the thighs. Bit of a stalemate. They are tied up like a pretzel at the moment. Gustavo looks for a leg, but Bibiano gets to his feet, kicks the thighs. PMN scores the round for Bibiano. Mostly a grappling match in round one.

Rround 2 – Leg kick from Bibiano. Gustavo goes down after getting clipped with a right hand and Bibiano attacks with punches. Gustavo goes for a single leg but eats a barrage of punches… probably 15-20 shots. Bibiano in side control. Gustavo bleeding from his nose. Gustavo has never been stopped. Bibiano with some short punches from side mount. Bibiano softening him up with punches. Gustavo trying to make something happen from the bottom. Punches from off his back to Bibiano’s head. Stalemate. Bibiano gets to his feet as the 10-second clapper sounds. PMN scores round one for Bibiano.

Round 3 – Overhand right counter from Bibiano. Gustavo shoots. Bibano takes his back, they scramble, Bibiano with omoplata, back to the feet now. They square up. Leg kick from Gustavo. Body kick. Bibiano ducks a spinning backfist. Leg kick from Bibiano. Leg kick from Gustavo, eats a counter right. Bibiano looks for a shot, shrugged off by Gustavo. Both guys have slowed quite a bit. Leg kick from Gustavo. Head kick scores for Gustavo. Bibiano clinches him up against the cage and seems unfazed from the kick. Bibiano with a right as he backs out of the clinch. Gustavo shoots for a double, stuffed. Right hand from Gustavo. Left hook from Bibiano. Leg kick from Gustavo. Front kick. Gustavo stumbles to the ground. PMN scores the round for Bibiano and the fight for Bibiano.

GRADE for fight C

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bibiano Fernandes def. Gustavo Falciroli by unanimous decision

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