Are you a Ronda Rousey fan? Are you ga-ga for the golden-haired judoka who likes to rip arms from people’s bodies just for fun? If so then sit back, grab a cup of coffee — well, maybe two cups, because what we have here is nearly a full hour of the Rowdy one. First up, Spencer Lazara sat down with Ronda in the gym for an in-depth discussion about all the recent happenings in her life; training with the Diaz brothers, doing the ESPN cover, calling out Kim Kardashian, her comments about Michael Phelps and more. Ronda also has some words for Sensei Seagal for talking smack about her mentor “Judo” Gene Lebell. Then, once you’ve watched all that… let Ronda help you catch up on all the latest celebrity (and Olympic) gossip as she hosts TMZ. It’s all right here folks, don’t you go anywhere.

Ronda Rousey interview – pt 1

Ronda Rousey interview – pt 2

Ronda Rousey hosts TMZ

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