Shah Bobonis breaks down XFC 19

My recent signing with the XFC left me inspired to start writing again. Actually, I wanted to do a video blog but I can’t seem to find my camera. This is what happens when you get hit in the head all the time. XFC 19 has some match ups that I’m particularly excited about watching and here are my thoughts on how things might go down on Friday night in North Carolina.

Corey Hill vs. Mike Bronzoulis

The first fight I want to break down is the main event which features Corey Hill vs. Mike Bronzoulis. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike in Mexico a few months back and have rolled with Corey while I was living in Tampa a few years ago. Both guys are solid fighters, but I think the physical and natural talent edge would have to go to Hill. While Bronzoulis has a huge edge in experience.

Keys to victory:

Mike Bronzoulis

  • Deep waters: Bronzoulis needs to take the fight into the 2nd and 3rd rounds where the edge in experience is more likely to show itself.
  • Apply steady and constant offensive pressure. Corey is a very explosive fighter and constant offense will keep Hill on the defensive.
  • Stay away from front headlock position. Hills arms can span the length of the cage, this makes it very easy for him to lock up brabo and anaconda chokes very quickly.

Corey Hill

  • Play with distance: As in most fights Hill will have a huge reach advantage. Keep Bronzoulis at the end of your strikes and when he over commits to closing the distance the takedown should be there.
  • Make your wrestling a factor: Hill has an edge in wrestling and should use it to make this an easier fight. Bronzoulis has three KO’s by head kick to his credit and has shown he has a great chin, this makes for wars on the feet that could get Hill clipped with something.
  • All the way in or all the way out: Hill should fight Bronzoulis at two distances — either at a range where he can land strikes from the outside — or clinched where at any point he can transition into a takedown. The middle distance where most exchanges take place is where Bronzoulis will be most effective.

Bobonis pick: Corey Hill by decision.

Felice Herrig vs Simona Soukupova

It’s my guess that the female fight at XFC 19 will be a very entertaining one that might be the subject of all the post show conversation. Styles make fights and I’m guessing from watching footage of Soukupova that this might turn into a kick boxing showcase. I cannot imagine that Soukupova would want to take things to the ground and XFC fans are familiar with Herrig’s kick boxing credentials. I’m really hoping this fight stays on its feet for entertainment purposes, but the truth is I think Herrig would be a few steps ahead on the ground vs Soukupova.

Bobonis pick: Im predicting a great fight but Felice Herrig stops Simona Soukupova with GNP (TKO) in round two.

Nick Newell vs David Mays

This fight should be a grappling lover’s dream! It will pit the wrestling and top game of Newell against the dangerous guard of Mays. The deciding factor in this fight will be the physical disparity between the two fighters. Newell is a large lightweight while Mays is very small for the weight class. I see Newell getting numerous takedowns and scoring with GNP, while being able to power out of a number of submission attempts during the fight. I don’t rule out the possibility of Newell getting submitted because Mays is great off his back but I see Newell getting the decision win.

Bobonis pick: Nick Newell by decision.

I hope you enjoyed my breakdown and tune in to Friday to check out XFC19.

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