Matt Metts will face Scott Holtzman at XFC 18 - Music City Mayhem, live on HDNet

As I approach being six weeks away from my fight, I have to say my body feels pretty good. It is easy to get caught up in your training camp and over train or over work your body. I feel like I have done a good job getting plenty of rest and allowing my body and muscles to repair. Another thing fighters have to watch out for is peaking too early. I don’t have anything to worry about in that aspect, as my strength and conditioning coach, Jason Layne, has me on a program that will allow me to peak at the correct time.

Throughout the course of this fight camp, I have been training six days a week (Monday-Saturday), with Sunday being a day to rest. On three of those days I do strength and conditioning during the day, along with some type of technique drilling and/or grappling or mitt work at night. On the days I don’t do strength and conditioning, I drill technique, spar and grapple to get my work in.

Although I am still six weeks out, I have several other teammates at my gym that have fights approaching before mine. Tyler Voth (back row, second from left), Jack Podgorski (back row, third from right) and Joe Schiff (back row, center) all have fights coming up as well.

We all pitch in and help each other prepare for our upcoming bouts. It could be something as little as holding mitts, grappling or pushing one another through a tough work out. It’s a pleasure to help my team go through the peaks and valleys that they run into during a camp. We all work as a team because each of us has a common goal of making it as a fighter.

While helping teammates you still have to prepare yourself mentally for your own fight, which can present some challenges. But we have a great coach in Rob Nickerson, who is constantly working to polish our techniques and make sure we focus enough on ourselves so we’re as polished as we can be.

Considering I could possibly fight one of these guys in the future, I want to talk about one of the more recent UFC lightweight fights. For those of you who got to see the Diaz vs. Miller fight on UFC on Fox 3, I thought that Miller came out with a good game plan, but clearly, he failed to execute.

He came out and landed a couple of solid leg kicks on Diaz, which think is a great idea, and then stopped. Miller then got hit with a couple of big hooks from Diaz and it all went down hill from there. You could tell that once Diaz got the timing of Miller, that it was going to be a short night. I personally would love to fight Diaz. Not necessarily because I think I would win but because 1) I would be fighting for the UFC, and 2) It would be great to punch him.

I’m not a fan of the Diaz brothers in general, and who wouldn’t like to punch those guys in the face? Especially after the fiasco with Nick pulling a no show for his grappling match this weekend. Those two sure are a couple of class acts.

I also want to take a minute to thank my sponsors that are supporting me while I get ready for this fight – On Point Athletics, Swole Sports Nutrition, BluegrassMMA, and Lucky’s Auto Sports. I also want to give a shout out to my two  new sponsors that came on board this week, Lexani and Catbird Printing.

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