Malaysia’s Adam Kayoom will face Gregor Gracie at ONE FC: Destiny of Warriors

As the days inches closer to ONE Fighting Championship’s first foray into the Malaysian market with it’s Destiny of Warriors event, more fights are being announced.

Yesterday via Twitter, ONE FC announced that Malaysia’s most popular fighter, Adam Kayoom will be facing Gregor Gracie.

To say that Adam Kayoom is a fan favorite in Malaysia would be an understatement. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Adam will have the hometown advantage going into the fight and have a crowd of 8,000 strong standing behind him.

In fact, we did report earlier that Adam Kayoom was going to be on the card based on what was said on Twitter by one of Thailand’s top MMA gyms, Phuket Top Team. Kayoom has martial arts in his blood and has black belts in kalis, hapkido, akido, tae kwan do, karate and Brazilian jiu jitsu.

You should know that he was awarded his black belt in BJJ by Ricardo Liborio, founder of the American Top Team. This dude has more black belts in martial arts than my granddad has black belts from Goldlion. It’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

Adam has won numerous BJJ tournaments and is a former World Muay Thai Champion.He is 2-1 in his mixed martial arts career. He’s pretty much the closest thing to Chuck Norris in Malaysia! Kind of, well, you get the point.

Gregor Gracie is from the world renowned Gracie family and is 6-1 in his MMA career. He’s currently riding high on a 4 fight win streak with his last fight being at ONE Fighting Championship’s inaugural event last year. In it he faced Seok Mo Kim whom he defeated via unanimous decision.

While he dominated Mo Kim, many felt that he could have finished his Korean opponent via submission. It’s no surprise that Gracie is fundamentally a grappler with 5 out of his 6 wins coming via submission.

While no one can deny that Kayoom is a legitimate fighter who can hold his own, it’s pretty obvious that facing Gregor Gracie will be the biggest challenge for him to date. Gracie not only is a more seasoned MMA fighter but he is also the physically larger of the two.

However, you have to take note that both guys faced Seok Mo Kim in their last respective outings. While Gracie couldn’t finish Mo Kim, Kayoom tapped him out via rear naked choke in the first round. It’s just something for you to think about buddy.

This fight clearly shows that ONE FC’s matchmakers aren’t giving local fighters “easy fights” just to put them over and make them heroes. This is a very tough and risky fight for Kayoom. Of course we’re sure that some people will find other reasons to complain, like “the fight is unfair to Kayoom” or “Gracie is a much more seasoned veteran!” or “Gracie has nicer hair than Kayoom!”, you know, that kind of complaining.

Well anyway, this seems like a very interesting fight that’s going to make the Malaysian card even more anticipated. With all the fights being announced so far, it’s pretty clear that ONE Fighting Championship: Destiny of Warriors is shaping up to be a real blockbuster event.

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