Video: Eddie Alvarez talks win over Aoki and being married in the fight game ( reporter Dr. Rhadi Ferguson caught up with Eddie Alvarez following his win over Shinya Aoki at Bellator 66 in Cleveland. Alvarez explained how watching Aoki’s fight with Gilbert Melendez helped him establish a game plan which centered around being patient, not engaging too much and letting the fight evolve.

Alvarez also responds to the question of what it is like being a father, being a husband and being in the fight game:

“The fighting profession isn’t for a father and a husband, it’s not. It’s not necessarily for a father and a husband at all. This is a young man’s sport where you can be completely selfish. It just asks way too much of one person to be able to give to a family as well. Luckily I have an understanding wife who knows the sport, who I’ve helped bring her into the sport and educate her about it. And she understands it and she’s my biggest fan and biggest teammate. I’m blessed to have her on my side, and my kids as well.”

Alvarez says the divorce rate for fighters is through the roof and he shares some advice that he often gives to his fellow fighters who are married. He says fighters should bring their significant others into the sport, don’t try to separate fighting from your family. He says fighters shouldn’t leave their significant others at home and go off to a distant state for a training camp or they will never fully understand what you are going through as a fighter.

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