UFC money watch: Josh Koscheck is living large

How about a ride on Kos-Air?

Fighter pay is a frequent topic of conversation in the MMA community. Some critics feel fighters do not make enough money for what they go through or compared to what the UFC makes off of their athletes’ sweat and blood. Others feel that no one is forcing the fighters to sign their contracts and they are paid what they have agreed upon.

One fighter you likely won’t hear complaining about fighter pay is UFC welterweight contender Josh Koscheck (17-5). On this week’s episode of UFC Ultimate Insider, Corissa Furr pays a visit to Koscheck’s home in Fresno, Calif., where we get to tag along for a tour of the fighter’s house by the lake. We also get to check out his numerous automobiles, and last but not least, he shows us his airplane. Yes, that’s right. Josh Koscheck has his own airplane.

Koscheck faces Johny Hendricks this Saturday at UFC on FOX 3 in New Jersey.

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