( has received an official statement from former UFC welterweight contender Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg responding to recent allegations that he choked his wife in front of his children in October 2011.

The statement reads as follows:

“First and foremost, we would like to make it very clear that the reports are completely false. Although Frank would like to personally address every detail of what has been said, a court order prevents both Frank (and his ex-wife) from talking about their pending divorce in this light. Despite what appears to be an obvious breach by his ex-wife, Frank will continue to abide by the order instituted. More importantly, Frank has three young children whose interests are paramount to any form of this he-said she-said trial by public opinion. He asks that the public please respect his privacy and that of his children as they transition into their lives post-divorce. Frank would also like to thank his fans, friends and family for their support during this extremely difficult time.”

Trigg also appeared on the popular MMA podcast The MMA Hour with host Ariel Helwani earlier today basically reiterating the official statement posted above. Trigg said by court order he was not allowed to discuss the divorce but he did deny the allegations of abuse and pointed out that he has never been convicted of any crime other than maybe a few traffic violations in his life.

Now 39-years-old, Trigg has been competing as a professional mixed martial artist for 15 years. He has also spent the last few years as a color commentator working for HDNet and various regional mixed martial arts promotions around the globe.¬†However, due to all the negative publicity, none are clamoring for the MMA veteran’s services at the moment and he was let go by HDNet.

5 thoughts on “Frank Trigg responds to domestic abuse allegations”
  1. I cannot wait for Frank to publicly address “what has been said.” I have seen the photos of his ex’s wife neck from when he choked out a 100 lb woman in front of three kids. The statement below his attorney released also makes NO sense as far as saying there is a court order preventing this “talk.” Public record: Although the police did not arrest Frank, they were called to his house after his ex-wife called one of her friends, who then called 911 in October. You should get a transcript of the call. He was not arrested at that time, but given recent developments, the police will be re-opening the case. His daughter Kiara just had to testify in court as to what she witnessed because Frank is in a custody battle over his second of four children. Yes, Frank did choke out his ex-wife to the point that she lost consciousness in front of the three kids mentioned by Frank’s attorney. It would have been awesome if he would have at least made the kids leave the room before he choked Nici. Nici now has primary custody of his two youngest children, so the “pending” divorce is done. Frank is directly contradicting what his daughter witnessed and testified to in court. I bet he is having a great time with that one with his daughter.

    Thanks for your time,
    Brad Ehlers
    Thornwood Class of ’88

    Quite simply, why would a successful woman like Nici lie, or what would she have to gain? Frank could have owned up to this and would have done much better for his “public” image. Instead, he chooses to lie and deny, which is not very manly (just like choking out someone you outweigh by 100 pounds), and is much more twinkle toes.

  2. I find it interesting that they are stating “Despite what appears to be an obvious breach by his ex-wife, Frank will continue to abide by the order instituted.” because a) Nici has not said ONE WORD about the abuse she endured and b) there is NO ORDER gagging either of them. He’s hired yet another lawyer, but still hasn’t paid ONE DIME of child support… hmmmmmm

  3. Frank Trigg (Dewey Franklin Trigg III) has finally been arrested by the District Attorney in Las Vegas, NV. Frank Trigg strangled his wife, Nici, this past October. Why the wait? Because the cops who came to the scene were fans of his and he ordered his terrified and still barely lucid (from the oxygen loss to her brain) wife away from the cops. She was too scared to press charges since the former UFC and PRIDE fighter was squatting in her home even AFTER they agreed to get divorced. Finally, the brave, barely 100lbs. woman got the courage to go to the cops after Frank’s 10 year old daughter testified against him in yet another law suit that Frank had going on for custody of his daughter. She recalled him strangling her step mother until she was unconcious and then calling her a cunt and walking off. Great Job Dad of the Year! Now he’s where he belongs- BEHIND BARS!!! Verified on:

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