The Team Death Clutch maestro Marty Morgan (center) with Death Clutch fighters Pat Barry (right) and Bellator Heavyweight Champion Cole Konrad. Photo by Jack Bratcher for

Marty Morgan, former wrestling coach at University of Minnesota and current head coach for Team Death Clutch, accompanied his fighter Pat Barry, along with Barry teammate Cole Konrad, to the UFC on FX 1 open workouts Wednesday in Nashville, Tenn.

Morgan took a few minutes to talk with ( about Barry’s upcoming fight with Christian Morecraft and said he feels it is a good fight for Barry to display some of the new skills he has been working on and start working his way back toward the upper echelon of the UFC heavyweight division.

Morgan said Barry’s wrestling is coming along really well and at some point would like to see him get a takedown during a fight. He also said this fight with Morecraft might be a good opportunity to go for that takedown. Morgan also discussed Barry’s training situation as well as the current state of Team Death Clutch now that Brock Lesnar┬áhas retired.

We also tried to get Coach Morgan to open up a little bit about Lesnar now that he has hung up his 4xl gloves, but the Death Clutch maestro was mum on the subject, not willing to share his thoughts on Brock’s retirement or if he thought the former champ may possibly fight again. Stay close to for more UFC on FX 1 exclusive coverage from Nashville.

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