You know how Alice always was sort of the glue that held the Brady Bunch together? In many ways, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva parallels the role of Alice as he brings everything together by putting together the best fights possible — and when it comes down to it, it’s all about the fights, right? In this Brady Bunch parody from notlookoutawhale the story is told of how the Fertitta brothers and Dana White came together to form one big family known as the UFC.

Now have fun figuring out which UFC character correlates with which Brady Bunch character and why. (Tito should have definitely been Cindy):

Also, we need to see some episodes. It would be interesting to see how they pull off the famous Hawaii episodes when they find the bad luck statue and Greg wipes out in the surf competition and Peter almost gets bitten by a tarantula. – By the way, Goldy as Bobby is classic.

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