Heart Breaking News

My brother/manager called me mid-day on Tuesday and I heard the let down in his voice when he asked me if I had heard the news. It was shocking to me that the fight was cancelled, not because it doesn’t happen too often, but because it was so close to the fight. I had literally been working twice as hard for this fight than any other in the past, and I was ready, and still am. If another promotion was to take that fight, I would jump on the opportunity immediately. I am walking around much leaner, but bigger than I ever had and now its just maintaining my weight and conditioning in case a short notice fight turns up.

Taking Nothing for Granted 

The fight being cancelled was a shock and a hard pill to swallow to me, as well as Rodney, and everyone that supports us. I was ready to take Kevin’s head off, and when I get the chance to I will. I was a little fired up for the fight because of the ridiculousness coming from Kevin and his team.  Mostly that I was underestimating Kevin and that he was going to stop me. I was already extremely motivated for the fight, but that pushed me over the top to where I was working out four times a day. I can say that I have made the mistake of underestimating a fighter before, which turned out to be the only loss of my career so far, and I will not make that mistake again.

Moving On

The fight being cancelled was a let down, but the career of a fighter is littered with hardships. We fighters have people pull out of fights at the last minute, injuries, and the problem of booking fights in general all the time, so one little speed bump is not a big deal. Moving forward though, I will be looking to book a fight ASAP, and there is already talk of a possible fight in Atlanta in December. I thank everyone who read these few blogs and Kelvin for working with me. Sorry for the let down of no fight, but hopefully I will be able to fight in Charlotte soon and display my talent and hard work.

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