Chuck Zito

Our first guest this week is a man that is known not to pull punches. He has thrown some leather in the ring, and also thrown some skin on people’s faces outside of the ring as well. He was the president of a nomad chapter of the Hells Angels, protected some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, starred in one of the best Prison shows ever called OZ, and even owns his own self defense school.

This man knows a thing or two about “Street Justice” it’s Chuck Zito! That’s right we got Chuck on the show to talk about his love for MMA, how he got involved in boxing in his younger years, and so much more. Chuck has one of the best stories I have had a chance to hear, some from the man’s mouth in person and the rest from his book “Street Justice.” Don’t worry though cause this interview I am saying right now will be one of the best that has happened on this show.


James Chaney

The second guest to be announced this week is taking me back home for some conversation, James “Dr. Jekyll” Chaney. Chaney is a man with plenty to talk about from his nickname, to his record (Sherdog has him as 4-1, but with unsanctioned bouts the man is 13-1), to growing up in the Northwest and leaving it all to become a better fighter.

Chaney trains with some of the best in the sport and states he is more than likely the most feared man that you don’t know about. James sent in his tape to be on this last season of The Ultimate Fighter, so we will talk to him a little about that as well. Don’t miss out on this one, cause the man will tell you himself people are ducking him, and when that happens you should prolly get to know him before you lose some money betting against him.

Lew Polley

Third guest of the week to be named is Lew “The Titan” Polley, Lew is a close friend of the show and I promise this interview will have some heat in it. Lew was scheduled for one of the biggest fights of his career, but literally weeks before the fight the whole thing fell through. I know Lew will have plenty to talk about with his latest fight not taking place, what’s next for the Titan, and why he can’t seem to ever have a fight go all the way through.

Lew was the coach on last season of TUF that ended up getting sent home (if you wonder why you know the name). We will talk to Lew about how the show has changed his life, if he gets noticed in Men’s restrooms, etc. Oh did I also mention that a lot has changed for Lew as he is no longer in Cali or Colorado anymore. We will for sure bring you some stories out of the wonderful travels of Lew Polley.

Stephen Bass

Once again the man that closes the show is back in the building and back on the map, Stephen Bass is back to bring the insight! What insight you may ask, well then I will ask where have you been? Stephen is the man that brings us the inside look at this season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Stephen breaks down the match ups from the latest episode as well as telling us about the craziness you saw in that same episode and some of the wild stuff that didn’t make the production room cut. Stephen may be out of the competition, but he is still in the fire. Things only get crazier with every week and I can’t wait to talk to him about this last week’s episode, madness, and fights!

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