Anderson Silva's response to Chael Sonnen's "loser leave town" offer.

Following Chael Sonnen‘s complete domination and second round submission win over Brian Stann at UFC 136 on Oct. 8 in Houston, UFC commentator Joe Rogan asked him how happy he was with his performance. Here is what the number one middleweight contender said:

“Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck! Super Bowl weekend the biggest rematch in the history of the business, I’m calling you out Silva, but we’re upping the stakes. I beat you, you leave the division. You beat me, I will leave the UFC forever.”

That was one week ago yesterday.

Obviously perturbed UFC middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva had not yet accepted his classic pro wrestling style ‘loser leave town” offer, Sonnen posted this message on his Twitter Saturday:

Anyone think the champ is scared? Or is it that he just refuses to legitimize Sonnen’s demands with a response?  And what could Sonnen’s “next offer” possibly be if Silva does not accept?

So many questions… so little time…

In the meantime the MMA world waits on pins and needles…

The only response from the Silva camp thus far has been from “The Spider’s” manager, Ed Soares, who said,

“I think Chael’s delusional. What’s he talking about? At the end of the day he tapped, he quit, he gave up. Take a number and get to the back of the line, man. You had your opportunity.”

The good news is UFC President Dana White has pretty much confirmed Silva’s next opponent will be Sonnen. However, it is not official and there is no guarantee the fight will take place on Super Bowl weekend.

For the record, this year’s Super Bowl will take place Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012, which means if Sonnen gets his wish, his rematch with Silva will take place Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012.

And just in case you missed Sonnen’s “loser leave town” offer, here is a clip of what will likely go down as the best promo in MMA history:

3 thoughts on “Chael Sonnen gives Anderson Silva 24 hours to accept his “loser leave town” offer, or else”
  1. He certainly looks cowardly, refusing to do the customary “congratulations to my next worthy opponent” post-match greeting because Sonnen won, but I suspect it’s because he simply hates Chael so much.

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