UFC Octagon Girl Chandella Powell at the "Indecent Proposal" photo shoot. Photo credit: Marcos Rivera

The year is 1993, the city is Las Vegas. Demi Moore’s husband, Woody Harrelson, has just gambled away all the couple’s savings at the roulette table. But… as luck would have it, a mega-rich billionaire named Robert Redford sees Demi in the casino and is infatuated with her. And because money can buy anything if the price is right, he offers the couple a cool $1 million if Demi will spend the night with him. Does she do it? Well, hell yes.

Now, flash forward 18 years. We’re back in Vegas. There’s no Woody Harrelson or Robert Redford or Demi Moore. But what we do have is UFC Octagon girl Chandella Powell, a hotel room and a handful of cash. I’m not sure how much this photo shoot really resembles the classic movie “Indecent Proposal”, but if that’s what it took to get Ms. Powell to roll around in a bed topless with wads of cash, then so be it. Works for me.

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5 thoughts on “UFC Octagon girl Chandella Powell’s “Indecent Proposal” photo shoot”
  1. I miss Brittney, Natasha, and Logan. But I’m coming around on Chandella. (No pun intended.)

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