Brian Imes is "The Human Cockfighter".

Lost but not forgotten. Just like riding a bicycle, fighting is something that if embraced and learned is never truly lost. Timing may go in and out like an old Accord, but the instinct and gameness are forever there.

The instinct is inside every creature, no matter its size or significance. Life is geared to fight for itself. No amount of nurture can overcome nature.

Six months ago I was writing blogs about painting walls. Those were good times and I am proud of my service, but I’ve been overdue for some real work for a long while. I am back to the grind of eating healthy, training twice daily, sacrificing social functions and living with pain.

I am without a consistent stream of funds to finance this knucklehead behavior, so Hillbilly Fight Wear better be worth the investment.

Me and my team train four times weekly. I am traveling to local gyms for sparring and grappling sessions. I am enduring a new weight and plyometic program. It seems so serious for a guy who GNF. I guess soon enough in life one must GAF about something.

Let’s teach the world to embrace discipline and honor, starting with ourselves. How many songs do we have to write about it? We all know the famous quote by John Lennon.

Every creature needs a mission. Projects keep us respectful with fortitude. I love a project. I have built homes, managed bars, managed a personal business, owned and managed rental property, and built a professional cage fighting resume.

That is blue collar and dare I say, hillbilly. Erbody got a lil’ hillbilly in em. Thump a Stranger. It’s good for the community.

Three of our team members will compete in Good Time Promotions: Barnyard Brawls next weekend. This will be my second trip to this swanky joint just outside of Chillicothe, Mo. It sits across the gravel parking lot from the owner’s farm, mostly sweet corn. We are actually going up to fish/catch on Saturday.

Several Kansas City area fighters will fight on Titan Fighting Championship’s July 29th show. UFC veteran Rob Kimmons will be a headliner. Joe Kelly is really doing a great job growing this promotion.

Several of his recent events have been live on HDNet from Memorial Hall in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. Rich Clementi, Bobby Lashley, Tim Sylvia and Jens Pulver are just a few of the notable names that have already graced Joe’s cage in the heart of the midwest.

KC played host to four Bellator events last year, of course. Maybe there is something brewin’ “out here in the middle, where the center is on the right.”-James Mcmurtry.  We are just thumpin’ our way along, one stranger at a time.

I taught an MMA class to 12 very young people today. It was absolutely enlightening. I know that I learned as much as any of them did. There is not a better environment for children or adults. Keep fightin’ the good fight, neighbors.

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