The World Rankings have finally been updated. Find out where your favorite fighters are ranked after a crazy two weeks of action that featured, upsets, TRT issues and several battles between top-ten fighters.

Tito Ortiz sinks Ryan Bader
The “Hunting Beach Bad Boy” shocked everyone with a pulse when he picked up his first meaningful victory since 2006. In the process, he totally jettisoned Ryan Bader‘s chances of staying in the top ten. Please hold the emails about Tito Ortiz. One real victory in over five years does not even come close to ranked status.

Marquardt Never Moves
A few weeks ago Mark Munoz‘s victory over Demian Maia bounced Brian Stann from the top ten. However, he seemed prime to return to the rankings when Nate Marquardt made his move to the welterweight division. However, before he could drop down, he did the same* thing as Chael Sonnen and got booted from the UFC. (*Same, minus the lying to government of California, falsely attributing statements to another government official, committing fraud….)

Charlie Brenneman in the top ten after big upset
UFC Live 4 may not have featured Marquardt, but Charlie Brenneman stepped in and picked up the biggest win of his career. Sadly, TUF champion Deigo Sanchez loses his spot in the rankings due to the emergence of the “Spaniard.”

Tyson Griffin makes himself at home at featherweight
Any division under lightweight really needs further development. Tyson Griffin dropped down to the featherweight division after three straight losses at lightweight. After only one victory, over Manny Gamburyan, he finds himself in the top ten.


  1. Cain Velasquez (UFC Champion)
  2. Brock Lesnar (UFC)
  3. Junior dos Santos (UFC)
  4. Alistair Overeem (Strikeforce Champion)
  5. Fabricio Werdum (Strikeforce)
  6. Shane Carwin (UFC)
  7. Antonio Silva (Strikeforce)
  8. Frank Mir (UFC)
  9. Fedor Emelianenko (M-1/Strikeforce)
  10. Roy Nelson (UFC)

Upcoming Fights
#9 Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson (7/30/2011)
#1 Cain Velasquez vs. #3 Junior dos Santos (TBA)
#4 Alistair Overeem vs. #7 Antonio Silva (TBA)

Light heavyweight

  1. Jon Jones (UFC Champion)
  2. Mauricio Rua (UFC)
  3. Rashad Evans (UFC)
  4. Quinton Jackson (UFC)
  5. Lyoto Machida (UFC)
  6. Forrest Griffin (UFC)
  7. Dan Henderson (Strikeforce Champion)
  8. Phil Davis (UFC)
  9. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (UFC)
  10. Rafael Cavalcante (Strikeforce)

Upcoming Fights
#7 Dan Henderson vs. Fedor Emelianenko (7/30/2011)
#3 Rashad Evans vs. #8 Phil Davis (8/6/2011)
#9 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Rich Franklin (8/6/2011)
#2 Mauricio Rua vs. #6 Forrest Griffin (8/27/2011)
#1 Jon Jones vs. #4 Quinton Jackson (9/24/2011)


  1. Anderson Silva (UFC Champion)
  2. Chael Sonnen (UFC)
  3. Yushin Okami (UFC)
  4. Nate Marquardt (UFC)
  5. Ronaldo Souza (Strikeforce Champion)
  6. Vitor Belfort (UFC)
  7. Mark Munoz (UFC)
  8. Demian Maia (UFC)
  9. Michael Bisping (UFC)
  10. Hector Lombard (Bellator Champion)

Upcoming Fights
#6 Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama (8/6/2011)
#1 Anderson Silva vs. #3 Yushin Okami (8/27/2011)
#5 Ronald Souza vs. Luke Rockhold (9/10/2011)
#9 Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller (TBA)


  1. Georges St. Pierre (UFC Champion)
  2. Jon Fitch (UFC)
  3. Jake Shields (UFC)
  4. Josh Koscheck (UFC)
  5. Nick Diaz (UFC)
  6. B.J. Penn (UFC)
  7. Carlos Condit (UFC)
  8. Charlie Brenneman(UFC)
  9. Rick Story (UFC)
  10. Thiago Alves (UFC)

Upcoming Fights
#1 Georges St. Pierre vs. #5 Nick Diaz (10/29/2011)


  1. Frankie Edgar (UFC Champion)
  2. Gilbert Melendez (Strikeforce Champion)
  3. Gray Maynard (UFC)
  4. Shinya Aoki (Dream Champion)
  5. Eddie Alvarez (Bellator Champion)
  6. Jim Miller (UFC)
  7. Tatsuya Kawajiri (DREAM)
  8. Sean Sherk (UFC)
  9. Clay Guida (UFC)
  10. Anthony Pettis (UFC)

#7 Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Willamy Freire (7/16/2011)
#5 Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler (TBA)
#6 Jim Miller vs. Ben Henderson (8/14/2011)


  1. Jose Aldo (UFC Champion)
  2. Hatsu Hioki (UFC)
  3. Chad Mendes (UFC)
  4. Marlon Sandro (Bellator)
  5. Kenny Florian (UFC)
  6. Diego Nunes (UFC)
  7. Joe Warren (Bellator Champion)
  8. Tyson Griffin (UFC)
  9. Manny Gamburyan (UFC)
  10. Mark Hominick (UFC)

Upcoming Fights
#7 Joe Warren vs. Patricio Freire (7/23/2011)
#3 Chad Mendes vs. Rani Yahya (8/6/2011)


  1. Dominick Cruz (UFC Champion)
  2. Joseph Benavidez (UFC)
  3. Urijah Faber (UFC)
  4. Scott Jorgensen (UFC)
  5. Brian Bowles (UFC)
  6. Takeya Mizugaki (UFC)
  7. Brad Pickett (UFC)
  8. Demetrious Johnson (UFC)
  9. Masakatsu Ueda (Shooto)
  10. Miguel Torres (UFC)

Upcoming Fights
#9 Masakatsu Ueda vs. Rumina Sato (7/18/2011)
#2 Joseph Benavidez vs Eddie Wineland (8/14/2011)


  1. Yasuhiro Urushitani (Shooto World Champion)
  2. Mamoru Yamaguchi (Shooto/Tachi Palace)
  3. Ian McCall (Tachi Palace)
  4. Jussier da Silva (Tachi Palace)
  5. Yuki Shojo (Shooto)
  6. Darrell Montague (Tachi Palace Champion)
  7. Kiyotaka Shimizu (King of Pancrase)
  8. Ryuichi Miki (Shooto)
  9. Fumihiro Kitahara (Shooto)
  10. Ulysses Gomez (Tachi Palace)

Upcoming Fights
#1 Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. #5 Yuki Shojo (7/18/2011)
#2 Mamoru Yamaguchi vs. #4 Jussier da Silva (8/5/2011)
#3 Ian McCall vs. #6 Darrel Montague (8/5/2011)
#10 Ulysses Gomez vs. Drew Bittner (8/5/2011)

8 thoughts on “ World Rankings Update – Tito Ortiz sinks Ryan Bader”
  1. He won’t fight Guida(the fight that most needs to happen IMO)…

    He finished Evan Dunham who was ranked higher than Guillard…and I thought Dunham beat Sherk…of course we are pulling straws talking about the lower end of the division..but I’d have Guillard in there instead of Guida…

  2. Can’t say I agree with much of what you’re putting down here:

    -Guillard defeated Dunham who was a top ten ranked LW in his own right. He should have been in these rankings before this fight anyway. Kelvin- No need to fight Guida, a fight against the Miller-Henderson winner would do just fine. Name a top ten opponent Jim Miller has beaten, I’d wait but I know you won’t find one.

    -Tito is a borderline top 10 LHW now. One win in 5 years aside he beat a guy that was close to top 5. Calcacante has beaten cans, and has one good win over King Mo (who himslef had one good win over Gegard Mousasi). Lil Nog has lost two in a row, and arguably should have lost three. His last top tier win was Luiz cane who himself got blasted the fight after against bottom 30 LHW Cyrille diabate. Point is tito being in the top 10 really isn’t that far off from reality.

    -Lesnar at #2 still? Really?

    -How did Bowles get jumped by Scott Jorgensen?

    -I already took Sonnen and Marquardt out of my rankings, but to each their own.

    -If we’re gonna get into the crazy discussion of “this guy should have lost to this guy anyway” Miller got gifted a decision against Bocek, Johnson should have lost to Torres, Warren should have lost to Galvao, and Kampman should have beaten Sanchez. Among others.

    -Can’t say I agree with Brennamen being there either, this is the same guy who was blasted by Johnny Hendrix two fights ago.

    Gotta love rankings.

  3. The only real case you could make is that Guillard should be number-ten instead of Pettis. However, Guillard’s most recent win is over Roller, who also recently lost to Pettis. So it is really a comparison between Pettis’ win over Henderson and Guillard’s win over Dunham.

    Lesnar, Sonnen and Marquardt all have time until their 365 clock is up and thus still in the rankings.

    Miller is undefeated against everyone not ranked #1 and #3, and he has plenty of wins over guys “in the mix.”

    Also, Edub, I want to see your light heavyweight rankings that go all the way to the bottom 30s.

  4. Typing too fast, I meant to say barely a top 30 fighter (even if he wasn’t that high). I don’t think Diabate was in anybody’s top 25 ranking before that fight, and if he was it would have been highly debatable.

    I don’t think Lesnar should be out of the rankings, I just don’t see him above JDS, Overeem, and Werdum anymore. Nate and Chael are out for me because of the PED allegations mostly.

    Still doesn’t mean he’s got any top ten wins. I know he can only fight who’s put in front of him, but the only two ranked guys he ever fought kicked his ass. And neither were even ranked when they beat him.

    I got Guillard at #6. On the better streak, and has the better wins then my #7-10 (Guida, Sherk, Pettis, Siver).

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