“Technique of the Week” – Rolling Arm Bar

2011 Pan-Am gold-medalist Chad Washburn throws up a flying armbar.

Blame it on Pablo “The Scarecrow” Garza. After his showstopping flying triangle submission victory over Yves Jabouin at UFC 129 back in April, we have been contemplating getting into the gym to shoot some video on various techniques that fighters manage to pull off in the heat of the moment during some of the biggest fights of their lives.

Garza was a guest on The Cageside Beat podcast following that victory and he stressed the importance of training and drilling these kinds of techniques repetitively until they become second nature.

To kick off this series, we visited with MMA veteran, BJJ brown belt  and 2011 Pan-Am gold medal winner Chad Washburn who trains at Nashville MMA. He earned his brown belt under Lloyd Irvin black belt Shawn Hammonds.

Chad has been known to pull off a flying arm bar or two in his MMA career, but this time around we decided to go with a modified version of the risky submission, which is more of a “rolling” arm bar.

The technique was first shot in a gi, but features a quick run down on a no-gi version as well. Enjoy!

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