Georges “Rush” St-Pierre is the number one welterweight (170 lbs.) mixed martial artist on the planet. He is not only known for his exceptional fighting skills but may even be more heralded for his impeccable conditioning, along with his real functional strength and chiseled physique.

Now you can have this world class athlete come into your home and train with you through this eight week training camp which is only available on the RushFit six DVD set. Not only does Georges show you how to do each of the exercises, he does them with you. The champ literally trains right alongside you.

“If you want to be a champion, you need to train like one” -GSP

The RushFit program comes with three separate eight-week training calendars; one for beginner, intermediate and advanced. Also included is a workout guide and a nutrition guide. The only equipment required other than your own body weight is a pair of dumbbells 21-25 lbs..

The six DVDs are as follows:

  1. FULL BODY STRENGTH & CONDITIONING – High-Intensity Five Round Full Body Conditioning Circuit
  2. STRENGTH & ENDURANCE WORKOUT – High-Intensity Five Round Full Body Conditioning Circuit
  3. THE FIGHT CONDITIONING WORKOUT – High-Intensity Five Round Fight Conditioning Circuit
  4. ABDOMINAL STRENGTH & CORE CONDITIONING – High-Intensity Five Round Core Conditioning Circuit
  5. EXPLOSIVE POWER TRAINING – High-Intensity Five Round Plyometric Circuit

Using the eight-week training calendar, the student will follow the exercise program listed for each day of the week. Aside from cardio, this involves popping in one of the DVDs and training with GSP Monday thru Friday.

Here is an example of the what the first week looks like for beginners:

  • Day 1 – Strength & Endurance Workout DVD
  • Day 2 – Cardio
  • Day 3 – Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning DVD
  • Day 4 – Cardio + Stretch for Flexibility – Bonus Workout DVD
  • Day 5 – The Fighting Conditioning Workout DVD
  • Day 6 – Cardio + Balance & Agility – Bonus Workout DVD
  • Day 7 – Rest

Each week of the month is fairly similar aside from switching up which DVD you will be working out to now and then. This is basically how the whole system works.

Some people may wonder why the training calendars are set up for eight week programs? Well, that is traditionally the length of time a training camp lasts leading up to a fight for most professional fighters like Georges.

From the Introduction to RushFit:

“GSP RUSHFIT is the ultimate home fitness program. If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, or you’re a serious MMA contender looking for the edge, then you need RUSHFIT. This full body, comprehensive 8 week training camp will maximize your performance, give you the power to crush your goals and elevate beyond the competition.”

What this program is not:

RushFit is not for that person who is looking for a short cut, the easy way out and is not willing to work. This is not a fad workout. It’s not a trendy “Abs of Steel” or “Buns of Steel” type program. RushFit does not teach MMA fighting techniques although you will use striking techniques in the Fight Conditioning workout.

What this program is:

This is a legitimate training regimen put together by an elite level athlete and his longtime trainer. RushFit is primarily designed to build overall fitness, conditioning, endurance, strength and power. Not everyone can afford their own strength and conditioning coach and this is for those people.

This is not your grandmother or probably even your mother’s workout program. This system is perfect for athletes or for those who want to be in as good of shape and well conditioned as an athlete.

Notice each of the DVDs are labeled as “High-Intensity Five Round Circuits”. Although there is a “beginners” program, it does not mean “beginner” in the sense of an old man at the retirement home who has never really worked out before. It is most certainly not anywhere near that level.

The main thing to keep in mind is that Georges St-Pierre is one of the most well-conditioned human beings on the planet and the RushFit system is a direct reflection of the type of discipline and commitment that has gone into making Georges the champion that he is. Just like the slogan says, “If you want to be a champion, you need to train like one.”

Check out to learn more about Georges St-Pierre’s RushFit training program and how to order yours for only $89.99. You can also order the individual DVDs if you do not want or feel you need the full package..

16 thoughts on “Product Review: Georges St-Pierre’s RushFit – 8-week home training camp”
  1. It looks realy good but its something like £80… If I get it I hope it impresses me more than GSP’s fight against Sheilds.

  2. How long is each workout? 1hr a day?

  3. Work outs are a 10 min warm up and 5 x 5 mins round like a championship fight. 1 min between each round. Followed by a 5mins stretching cool down. So doing the maths, that is 45 mins give or take a few for explanations of exercises and what they do.

  4. That work,this program light the fire in me. I want to know more about MMA and how can i practice it, in MTL canada i don’t really find gym for it, it sad. Ty Rushfit. No pain, no gain, like we say in football =P.

  5. In the training calendar, there is cardio (written in red).
    But there is no DVD of cardio?

  6. I worry this is too fullon for most people. It says all level of fitness however your comment “This system is perfect for athletes or for those who want to be in as good of shape and well conditioned as an athlete” dosen’t exactly cater for everyone….

    Good review but!

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