Here is a sneak preview of UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste‘s new single, “Fight to Love Me” being released through Damon Elliott Music Group. Let us know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Arianny Celeste’s new single “Fight to Love Me””
  1. It sound’s pretty bad. Why does anyone that’s remotely popular think that they can sing??? She’d better just stick to modeling or holding the UFC round sign.

  2. in all fairness it is a remix… but those beats in the middle sound very generic. the last verse is pretty tight.

  3. lol…anytime you see someone that has to speak prior to you hearing something for the first time…and they thank you for supporting them over the years…it’s almost like saying…”this is gonna be pretty bad, but I hope you can overlook it and still buy my stuff”

    I can’t knock her for trying to venture into other things though…age is a mofo.

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