The Ultimate Fighter 13 episode 4 recap: Rader vs. Ramsey

Welcome to the recap for episode four of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos. This episode started out showing Team dos Santos in the gym training with Junior happy to have control again. Wrestling coach Lew Polley says he believes Brock Lesnar doesn’t care about his team, but that Junior actually cares. “I think Team Lesnar is going to get rolled over,” Polley says.

Team Lesnar’s Len Bentley, who was defeated on episode three by blogger Ryan McGillivray, says it was his fault for leaving it in the hands of the judges. Bentley expresses his hopes of possibly getting the wild card spot. Lesnar missed Len’s fight but he arrives to the gym some time after and tells Len, “As long as you left it all out there.”

Lesnar says to the camera, “I guess I’m going to have to settle with, we’ve lost the battle but we can still win the war.” Then he says his team is down to the “four horsemen” — Charlie Rader, Tony Ferguson, Chuck O’Neil and Clay Harvison.

Lesnar tells Harvison he thinks Team dos Santos is going to pick him next. He then tells the camera he is waiting for someone to step up and these next four fights should be sure wins for the team.

The next scene shows Brock watching the guys train and he notices Clay’s head isn’t in the game. Brock tells him to take a break and asks him what is the matter. Clay admits to not being focused. Brock also makes the statement that Charlie is “lolly-gagging too.”

Next we see Charlie and Chuck back at the house horse-playing. Charlie says, “It is never a dull day when you have Chuck in the house with you.” Chuck appears to want Charlie to tuck him into bed and some horse-play ensues. Chuck then takes Charlie’s mattress and threatens to throw it off the balcony.

The two were friends before the show and seem to have a good time hanging out. Chuck says he thinks of Charlie like a brother. Charlie says his weight is always on point when Chuck is around him making sure he is eating right.

Fight Announcement

Junior picks Ramsey Nijem from Team dos Santos to face Charlie Rader from Team Lesnar. Junior says Ramsey has the best wrestling on his team.

Everyone claps and O’Neil says he thinks it is a very bad pick on the part of Junior because Rader was a high school state champ wrestler and has very hard hands.

Lesnar thinks it is a great match-up for them and says they will be victorious. Rader says, “It should be a good fight. He’s supposed to be a wrestler, not much of a stand-up guy. I’m gonna knock him out.”

Rader says, “He’s too excited and I’m just going to capitalize on his adrenaline.” Rader pointed out how the rest of Team Lesnar celebrated during the fight announcement and thinks it was because they were just glad they did not have to fight him.


Next we get to see a different side of Ramsey. First off we get to see his colorful toe-nails which are painted some sort of light shade of purple. Then we find out Ramsey is a big fan of the show “Glee”. Neither of these character traits help to strike fear into the hearts of his opponent, or teammates either for that matter.

We also find out Ramsey is also known as “Stripper Ramsey” and we are shown various scenes of him dancing and running around the house butt naked. If there is anyone who can help remove the homophobic label often attached to MMA, it has to be “Stripper Ramsey.” In fact, they might very well be his calling in life.

Shamar Bailey says the lines of appropriateness are starting to blur. Ramsey admits he likes to make Shamar uncomfortable but also says the weird thing is that he is starting to get more comfortable. Shamar certainly seems comfortable in the next scene as he is lying in bed and Ramsey asks him to put some lotion in the ¬†middle of his back where he can’t reach it. Shamar obliges and rubs the lotion on Ramsey’s bare back. Oh my….

Shamar tells Ramsey, “Don’t expect that every night.”

“Goodnight my chocolate friend,” replies Ramsey as he turns out the light and gets in his own bed just a few feet away.

Ramsey says that a lot of people may underestimate him because of the way he jokes around but that being serious all the time does not make you a better fighter. Then we see him humping on Junior’s leg inside the cage. Junior is laughing and picks Ramsey up. Ramsey then picks up Junior, and fakes a big knee pretending he is Junior fighting Brock.

Team Lesnar’s Chuck O’Neil tells Ramsey they think he doesn’t know he has to fight and is just there to be sexy. He also tells him if he has to fight him, he’s going to be “so horny” in the cage.

For Ramsey, all of it seems to be playing right into his hands and he confides in Shamar it is all part of the plan.

Team Lesnar gets a Training Partner

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes comes in to work out with the four horsemen. All of the guys seem thrilled and Hughes seems fairly impressed with Charlie’s skills. Lesnar points out the fact that Hughes is in the same weight class as the team and is certain Junior’s team hasn’t brought in anyone of Hughes’ caliber in the 170-pound division.

Hughes said it was a great experience, he and Brock get along good, and the team had a great attitude.

Almost Fight Time

Ramsey says he believes Rader has a bit of a cushioned record and has never had to fight any wars. He says he has been through wars and beat tough people.

Ramsey talks about some of his gameplan, says he plans to be patient in the fight and when the time is right he will take it to the ground. Junior confirms the gameplan.

Rader says a perfect fight against Ramsey would be to establish his jab, stuff his takedowns and knock him out in the second round. Rader also says he is not underestimating Ramsey, but he is only known as a pretty good wrestler. Rader explains he is used to fighting wrestlers and if Ramsey underestimates his wrestling, he will be in for a long day.

Lesnar seems pleased with Charlie’s skills, says he doesn’t want him to force anything in the fight and he is confident in him.

Charlie and Chuck have a talk before the fight and Charlie admits the last person he lost to was because he underestimated his wrestling. Chuck predicts Charlie will get a first round knockout.


Brock notices Ramsey’s painted toe-nails at weigh-ins and tells Charlie it will be a disgrace if he loses to him. Lesnar is clearly no fan of fighters getting in touch with their feminine side. Wonder what would happen if Ramsey humped on Brock’s leg like he did Junior’s? (Note to self: Ask Ramsey that in an interview)

Both guys weigh-in at 170 pounds.

It’s fight day and Team dos Santos keeps it light by discussing the finer points of the art of the stare-down on their ride to the gym. Ramsey gives some final words, “No matter what happens, Charlie Rader is never going to want to fight me again.”

Ramsey Nijem vs. Charlie Rader

Round 1 РRamsey shoots early, pushes Rader into the cage. Rader with a knee to the body. Ramsey with a knee to the thigh. They exchange knees as Ramsey continues to work to advance position. More knees from Ramsey to the thigh from the clinch. Rader with a couple short shots and a knee. Knee from Ramsey, he then grabs a single leg but lets it go. Ref calls time as Rader takes a low blow. Body shot from Ramsey, he swings, closes the distance and clinches against the cage. Knees to the thigh from Ramsey and Rader gives him some short punches to the face. Ramsey has a body lock and continues punishing with knees with a little over a minute left in the round.  Ramsey finally gets it to the ground with 1:08 left but Rader gets up pretty quick, but with :31 seconds left gets put down again. Ramsey works from top position with punches, stands up and dives in with a shot. scores the round 10-9 for Ramsey.

Lesnar can be heard in a rather high-pitched voice between rounds telling Rader, “This is for real buddy. This is for real.” He tells Rader to quit holding back.

Round 2 – Rader swings and misses and this sets up a takedown for Ramsey. Rader turtles and Ramsey takes his back. Rader stands up but Ramsey still has him clinched and eventually gets him back down where he takes his back, gets a hook in, then the second hook and starts looking for the choke, as soon as he sinks it in Rader taps out immediately.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ramsey Nijem def. Charlie Rader by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 2


Lesnar says he knew they lost the fight when Ramsey got in the Octagon. “I could see it in Ramsey’s eyes. It wasn’t in Charlie’s eyes,” said Lesnar. “Charlie got the same feeling I got. He looked across the cage and seen this guy was coming to kill something.”

Lesnar said Charlie was holding back and between rounds it felt like he was in a bad dream. “Here is a guy that is beating himself,” said Lesnar. He felt that Charlie just quit.

UFC President Dana White echoed those sentiments after the fight as well and said normally guys will try to defend the choke until the last possible moment when they are about to lose consciousness but there was none of that with Rader. “Charlie literally gave up. He didn’t try to defend the choke and tapped as quick as you could tap,” said White.

Team Lesnar was upset after the fight. Brock said, “I don’t even care. These guys don’t even want to be here.” Then he tossed a stool into the Octagon, clearly pissed off.

White did not blame Lesnar one bit for being angry and said he would be throwing stuff too if he had taken the time to come here and coach these guys, put all this time into it and then watch them give up like that.

Team dos Santos celebrates. Junior picks up Ramsey and swings him around and they dance around the room. Ramsey says now the guys know he’s just not their to paint his toe-nails and he believes he has the ability to win the show.

The Team Lesnar coaches, and Brock especially, give his team a real ass chewing after the fight and calls them “chicken [expletive]”. Len Bentley gets up and walks out of the room saying he fought his heart out and didn’t deserve the “ass chewing”. Lesnar smirks and says, “Good for you Len. Good for you.”

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