Bowles bested Page for the second time at UFC Live 3

It was almost the exact replica of the last fight between these two tonight at UFC Live 3Damacio Page started out strong throwing and landing multiple leg kicks. Brian Bowleswas looking to answer with his jab. Page was really aggressive throwing huge looping punches while Bowles stayed tight and kept his composure. Bowles began to find his range after the two minute mark, landing body/head combinations. Bowles connected with a huge punch that rocked Page, then Bowles followed that up with more punches as Page went down.

Bowles connected with some ground and pound while Page threw up a arm-bar submission attempt. However, Bowles shrugged that off and managed to sink in a deep guillotine choke in which Page refused to tap to. Bowles had to let the referee know that Page was out. This was exactly how the first fight ended between these two.

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