Chris Weidman bested UFC veteran Alessio Sakara in his UFC debut

Not bad for a guy with 4 career fights taking this fight on short notice. Chris Weidman lived up to his blue chip reputation as he bested UFC veteran Alessio Sakara at the UFC Live 3 event tonight.

The first round saw Weidman dictating the pace of the fight, but Sakara was able to stop all of his take-downs while landing big shots. Sakara was able to land one-two combo ending with a leg kick on multiple occasions. However, Weidman was able to damage Sakara cutting him over his eye as it began to bleed pretty bad. Weidman scored with jabs and a few combinations of his own for the most part in a close round.

The second round saw Weidman open up with his jab, followed by a single leg take-down. Weidman was able to land some nice ground and pound, mostly short elbows that opened Sakara’s cut up even more. However, after quite a while on the ground Sakara was able to get back up only to be taken right back down. Sakara bleeding heavily, the referee stopped the fight to let the doctor check it out. The fight continued with Sakara landing some nasty body shots as the bell sounded.

The third round was more of the same. Body shots from Sakara with Weidman taking Sakara down with a double leg immediately moving to side control. He beat up Sakara with more short elbows and punches. The referee stood them up from from the half-guard position, but Weidman scored another double leg take-down landing in side control. The crowd chants USA USA briefly, as Sakara is from Italy. The fight ends with Weidman trying to pass Sakara’s guard against the cage. The judges awarded Weidman the unanimous decision victory.

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