MFC 28 takes place tonight and will air on HDNet beginning at 10 p.m. ET, featuring Ryan Jimmo vs. Dwayne Lewis for the light heavyweight title and UFC veterans Drew Fickett and Matt Veach squaring off in a 160-pound catchweight bout.

The card also includes UFC light heavyweight veteran Rodney Wallace in action and a lightweight bout between prospects Robert Washington and Tyrone Glover.

To get ready for the fights, don’t forget to check out Richard Mann’s MFC 28 predictions. ( will provide live results and play-by-play commentary once the action begins.

Quick Results:

  • MFC World Light-Heavyweight Title: Ryan Jimmo (13-1) defeats Dwayne Lewis (13-6) by TKO  (3:13 of round 2)
  • Catchweight – 160 lbs: Drew Fickett (41-13) defeats Matt Veach (15-3) by submission (0:36 seconds of round 1)
  • Lightweight: Richie Whitson (11-1) defeats Curtis Demarce (10-8) by split decision
  • Welterweight: Thomas Denny (27-18-1) and Sheldon Westcott (4-1-1) fight to a draw
  • Light-Heavyweight: Emanuel Newton (14-6-1) defeats Rodney Wallace (10-4) by submission (4:34 of round 2)
  • Lightweight:  Tyrone Glover (6-0) defeats Robert Washington (9-2) by split decision
  • Lightweight: Dan Ring (2-0-1) defeats Garret Nybakken (2-2) by submission (2:21 of round 2)**
  • Catchweight – 179 lbs: Brendan Kornberger (2-0) defeats Paapa Inkumsah (3-3) by unanimous decision**

**Results from the two non-televised prelim bouts courtesy of


Robert Washington vs. Tyrone Glover

Round 1: Glover doesn’t waste any time looking for the takedown, with Washington showing a good sprawl and trying to land some hammer fists. Washington avoids it, but Glover is tenacious and eventually gets him back down (truth be told, I was on the phone interviewing Rob Kimmons about his UFC on Versus 3 fight coming up; now back to a more detailed play by play).  After getting a second takedown, Glover spins for a kneebar, but Washington fights out of it. Glover ends up on top in Washington’s half guard landing some GNP shots. Without a doubt, Glover doesn’t look like a guy that’s spent a few years away from MMA getting a law degree. Glover passes into side. Washington is staying safe but getting dominated positionally. As the round comes to an end, Glover was looking for a keylock. 10-9 for Glover.

Round 2: A lot of feinting and footwork for the first minute. Washington lands a 1-2 to score a few points. Outside leg kick from Glover. Kind of a superman punch attempt from Glover, Washington lands a good hook counter. More dance dance revolution going on. I’m guessing Washington is paranoid about the takedown, and Glover is waiting for Washington to do something he can counter to get the fight to the mat. Body kick from Glover and Washington catches it, trips him down. But now Glover is working for the triangle. It’s locked and he’s cranking the head. The only thing saving Washington is that his other hand is just inside of Glover’s knee. Glover has let go of it to try and reposition the submission, but Washington is still in trouble…Glover dropping elbows from the bottom. Now Washington gets out and into Glover’s guard to end the round, but that should give the round to Glover, 10-9.

Round 3: Washington is moving forward more this round, which is good because he’s losing. Nice straight right from Washington lands. Remember when I said Glover looks good for a guy that hasn’t fought in so long? Well he looks a bit…I don’t want to say tired, but somewhat lethargic. Glover ducks in with a takedown to counter a Washington attack, but this time Washington fights it off. Some boos from the crowd. Glover dances a bit, throws a lunging left hook into Washington’s arm, easily protecting his head. Washington just threw a jab-cross, but he forgot to close the distance before throwing the right hand and hits air. Washington shoots in after the ten second warning goes off. He probably should’ve thought of that earlier. 10-9 Washington.

29-28 Glover, 29-28 Washington, 29-28 Glover. Glover wins by split decision. I can’t defend the rationale for giving the fight to Washington 2-1. The first half of round two had little action, and while Washington caught the body kick and got the takedown, 98% of the time he spent on top he was defending a triangle attempt. That takes the “fighter on top is winning” rule to its extreme.

Rodney Wallace vs. Emanuel Newton

Round 1: Newton, the former MFC 205 champ, took the fight on two weeks notice, but comes in the much taller fighter than Wallace. Newton is actually the favorite with the oddsmakers. Lead high kick to start from Newton that’s blocked. Wallace decides he better go for a takedown and looks for a single. They scramble and he gets Newton’s back, but he’s up pretty high. Now Wallace is locking up an arm looking for a kimura. Newton spins out right into a triangle. He tries to slam out of it, but Wallace keeps it locked on, though it isn’t tight. Finally Newton gets out, throwing elbows from inside Wallace’s guard. As he stands up to drop some bombs, Wallace tries to spin for a leg lock, but Newton keeps away. Wallace is turning his hips a lot, but Newton isn’t bothered and keeps working some ground and pound. Maybe he feels comfortable because of Wallace’s stubby legs. Really nice elbows from Newton. Newton stands up and lands some loud sounding punches on Wallace, but they aren’t landing flush; Wallace still looks comfortable, though he’s losing right now. Wallace again tries for an arm and doesn’t close, then a leg. He’s active on the ground, but it’s not working yet. More short punches from Newton onto Wallace’s head as Wallace tried to sit up and keep his head close to Newton’s body. 10-9 for Newton.

Round 2: A jab to start things off from Newton. Right hand followed by a head kick attempt from Newton. It’s blocked, but Newton looks more comfortable on the feet. Now into the clinch and over-unders. They exchange knees to the body. Nice throw by Newton, though Wallace pops back up. As they separate, a good punching combo from Wallace lands, his best striking of the fight so far. More good knees from Newton in the clinch and Wallace backs away. Nice overhand right set up by the jab by Newton. He does it again. The tale of the tape said these guys have the same length arms from armpit to finger tip, but Wallace looks like he’s giving up a decent amount of reach. Newton gets him down again and does his GNP thing again, steady but effective. Wow. Wallace tried to spin to his knees to escape and Newton took the back. He didn’t have the hooks in, but he had the RNC in tight before Wallace could even blink and he had to tap. Nice submission win for Newton. Newton wins by rear naked choke submission at 4:34 of round two.

Thomas Denny vs. Sheldon Westcott

Round 1: Denny is a longtime veteran. Westcott is a … former track and field athlete? That’s a new one. Denny looks considerably smaller. Westcott’s standup looks awkward, but he dives in and gets the takedown. Westcott lands a couple of nice ground and pound strikes. Denny’s is having a hard time controlling Westcott’s posture and he’s getting drilled to the face as a result. Big knees to the body with Denny turned on his side. After a brief escape by Denny, Westcott drops him right back down and starts working in Denny’s half guard. Westcott has looked for a guillotine from the top a few times, but Denny hasn’t let him get it. Westcott tried to mount but Denny reverses and gets on top. Unfortunately for him, Westcott gets back to his feet, where Denny gets overwhelmed and taken down. More GNP bombs. Westcott really cranks on that top-side guillotine/neck crank. Denny’s only hope is that Westcott burns himself out from that attempt. Westcott is raw, but he took that round easy. I’ll easily say it’s 10-9 for Westcott.

Round 2: Westcott looks square and flat-footed, but he still drills Denny with a straight right that drops Denny. Denny is trying to look for a guillotine, but Westcott stays safe. Back on the feet, Denny looks for a single, and again Westcott pulls on a guillotine attempt. He’s stubborn, but Denny is escaping every time. Now Denny is on top trying to pass to side. He’s got it. Denny’s looking to take his back; let’s see if he can keep control of the bigger Westcott. Denny almost had that arm underneath the chin for the RNC, but Westcott gets out. Denny’s got the hooks in and he’s still looking for it. Westcott is defending well. Denny had his back for awhile, but Westcott finally turns around and into Denny’s guard. Denny tries for a guillotine, but he doesn’t have a good angle for it. The round ends. Close one. Westcott is still in the drivers seat, but it was a close round. I’ll give a slight edge to Westcott just because of how he rocked Denny early with the right hand. 10-9 Westcott.

Round 3: A good start now for Denny. He tried to get Westcott’s back standing, and when Westcott rolled for a leglock, Denny defended, got on top and took his back. Now Denny has a body triangle. Can the veteran overcome the bigger, younger athlete? Denny’s trying to loosen him up with punches. Throwing short punches to the head and body, but Westcott is still keeping his neck safe from the RNC. Westcott is definitely slowing down. Thirty seconds to go, and Westcott has spent almost the entire round in this spot. Westcott’s going to make it to the end. As the round end, Denny was almost encouraging him to make it to the end. That round is 10-9 for Denny. (Apologize for the typo; I had the first 10-9 for Westcott; it was one-sided, but not that bad).

I got it 29-28 for Westcott, but the second round was close.

28-28, 28-27 Denny (huh?), 29-28 Westcott; it’s a draw. The second round was close, so not the worst scoring I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure how 28-27 happened; hoping that was a mix up.

Curtis Demarce vs. Richie Whitson

Round 1: We got an entertaining kickboxing contest on our hands now. Both guys are landing, though Demarce is doing a better job on the outside with his footwork and timing. Whitson’s face is nicely bloodied up. But Whitson has also landed some nice uppercuts on the inside and some knees. Good body punch flurry by Demarce, and as Whitson responds, Demarce hits him with a right that buckles Whitson’s knees. He recovers quickly. An inside leg kick from Whitson without any set up. If Demarce times that, Whitson will be in trouble. Great round, I’ll go 10-9 for Demarce.

Round 2: Demarce again looks light and quick on his feet. He works his way in with some body combos and connects with an overhand right after he gets Whitson to drop his hands. Whitson lands a solid right on Demarce, but Demarce mouths something to him, saying that didn’t hurt. OUCH! Inside leg kick attempt from Whitson right to Demarce’s jewels. That was a direct connection. Time back in. Good up-and-down head movement also by Demarce to keep Whitson off balance. Outside leg kick from Demarce lands. Whitson does land a nice left that prompts Demarce to look for a takedown, which Whitson defends. Nice takedown by Demarce this time. He tries to get his back, but Whitson stands up and Demarce can’t hold on to the position. Whitson’s eyelid looks nasty. The doctor is checking it right now, but they restart it. Excellent rear high kick from Whitson slaps Demarce right in the face. You could hear that from the nosebleed section. That didn’t hit with the shin, but that got Demarce’s attention. Whitson ends the round with a takedown. Much closer round, but I think Whitson takes it 10-9. Frank Trigg (announcing with Michael Schiavello thinks Demarce got that round to take a 2-0 lead.)

Round 3: Does Demarce have the cardio to keep it up? That’s the question. A nifty jumping high kick attempt by Whitson, but that doesn’t land. Whitson throws a knee to the body from the Thai clinch, but Demarce responds with some nice uppercuts. Demarce gets a trip takedown from the clinch, but Whitson pops back up. Now the bigger Whitson overpowers Demarce and gets him down, working from Demarce’s guard. Demarce is staying active, throwing strikes from the bottom and keeping his hips active to look for a submission opening. But Whitson passes to half guard (at least he would’ve if the ropes weren’t in the way). Schiavello just said you could smell the blood. That’s lovely. Demarce gets up and Whitson takes his back standing. Demarce does a back elbow and Whitson takes him back down with a double. Whitson’s outmuslcing him on the top to win this round, but Whiston probably took this round 10-9. Now I’ve been wrong before, and Trigg had round 2 for Demarce. By my count, it’s  2-1 for Whitson, but I won’t argue either way.

29-28 Whitson, 29-28 Demarce, 29-28 Whitson. Whitson takes it by split decision. It was a close one and you can tell Demarce is disappointed. Wouldn’t mind a rematch of that one.

Drew Fickett vs. Matt Veach

Round 1: Fickett just came out to a 1980s ballad. I’ve heard it before, but can’t name the artist. But think cheap Lionel Ritchie knock-off. Veach throws a combo and uses it to get a takedown. Fickett working for the submission. He gets the shin under Veach’s chin maybe looking for a gogoplata. He turns it into an armbar and Veach is in trouble. Holy crap. That was simple. Fickett with a quick submission win and looks to the camera and asks “who’s next?”

0:36 seconds into round one, Fickett wins by armbar submission

Ryan Jimmo vs. Dwayne Lewis

Round 1: Schiavello says Lewis hasn’t been able to train much the past couple weeks with a back injury, but still plans to come in and rely on his one-punch KO power. Jimmo is starting off in a funky open-handed point karate kinda stance. Nice body kick finally from Jimmo after tightening things up a bit. Lewis is being careful, maybe knowing he has to look out for Jimmo’s takedowns. Another body kick by Jimmo that hits Lewis right side, and he’s already left a mark/welt. Inside leg kick from Jimmo. Outside leg kick by Jimmo. Lewis comes in with a few jabas and gets Jimmo in the corner. But Jimmo circles out. Back to that body kick for Jimmo. Left hook from Jimmo countered by a right hook attempt by Lewis. Still both guys are playing it cautious. There’s that body kick from Jimmo again. Lewis shows a bit of urgency and lands an overhand right that makes Jimmo look for the clinch. 10-9 for Jimmo.

Round 2: Spinning back kick to the body from Jimmo just misses. After switching back to orthodox, Jimmo lands a nice body kick, but Lewis almost chased him down with that big right hand. He had Jimmo scrambling. Leg kick Jimmo. Another one. Jimmo dances in with some feints and Lewis catches him with a right hand. A reminder that he’s still in this fight. A couple of leg kicks now from Lewis. Lead right to start a flurry from Lewis, at least one landed pretty clean. Jimmo definitely doesn’t want to trade too many punches. Big looping right from Lewis misses at the horn. That one might go to Lewis just from those few straight rights that landed and Jimmo not being active enough. 10-9 Lewis.

Round 3: Jimmo is still bouncing around like a bobblehead doll. He checks a couple of Lewis’s leg kicks. They get into the clinch, and Jimmo has the under hooks, pushes him into the ring, and gets the trip. He’s moved from half guard to mount pretty easily. Jimmo starting to land some big punches to the side of the head. Lewis gives up his back, and Jimmo throws a few shots, though his hooks aren’t in. Lewis tries to stand and get out. He does. Big bruise under Lewis’s left eye. Not a bruise; a huge mound of swelling. That’s closing fast and nasty. That’s much worse than what stopped Fedor vs. Silva. Yep. They stop it, and Jimmo wins by TKO, though the announcers say it happened during a head butt when they came together and into the clinch.

As we wait for the official announcement, that thing is swelling even bigger. It’s like Hasim Rachman vs. Evander Holyfield.

Ryan Jimmo wins the MFC title 3:13 into round 3.

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