It doesn’t get much better than this folks. This is what I wish I was doing when I interviewed former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia yesterday and talked to him about his job as a police officer. I wish to hell I was riding shotgun as he went on patrol, but even if I didn’t get to do it, someone did and we get to watch so that’s almost as good.

If there was ever an idea for a reality show this is it. Forget the Steven Seagal show, I want my crime busting served up with a big dose of “The Maine-iac”.

Sylvia will take on TUF 10 veteran Abe Wagner at Titan Fighting Championships 16 Friday LIVE on HDNet.

2 thoughts on “Riding shotgun with officer Tim Sylvia *VIDEO*”
  1. The reason that he likes being a cop is the reason all of them like it = POWER & AUTHORITY!

    Problem is, power & authority that is given and not earned (taking an oath is not earning anything) tends to be abused. (see below)


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