LAS VEGAS — An emotional Chuck Liddell announced today at the UFC 125 press conference that he is officially retired and will now work for the UFC as a top executive. His official position is now Executive Vice President of Business Development.

What that exactly means we are not quite sure but there is no doubt his value to the company has been immense over the years. As his former manager, White shares a long history and friendship with Liddell. White has been talking about wanting to see Liddell retire ever since he was knocked out by Rashad Evans at UFC 88 in Sept. 2008.

White stated in the past that Liddell would always be a part of the UFC even after he was done fighting, and now we know in what capacity he will be involved.

As the press conference was coming to a close, a lady in the audience asked White, “Can I have a hug from Chuck Liddell?” White said, “You sure can. Chuck come hug this lady, this is your first job as Executive Vice President of Business Development.”

A reporter asked White if he had given Tito Ortiz a similar option as Liddell (to work with the UFC after retiring). White chuckled and said, “I knew someone was going to ask me that. Next question…”

Fans can watch a replay of today’s UFC 125 press conference via archived video in our UFC ROOM.

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  1. It’s been a hell of a ride Chuckie! You will always be the motherfucking man! WAR LIDDELL!

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