UFC sues Ubisoft over Kinect video game ‘Fighters Uncaged’

Screenshot of Kinect's "Fighters Uncaged". Photo credit: IGN.com

Virtually everyone within the mixed martial arts world knows you can’t go around using the term “Ultimate Fighting” to advertise your brand. So what was Ubisoft thinking when they tried to market their new Xbox Kinect video game, “Fighters Uncaged”, using the phrase, “Become the Ultimate Fighting Weapon” on the back of the game box?

Not only has the game been called “quite possibly the worst fighting game of this generation” by IGN, but now Ubisoft is being sued by Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC, for trying to market their crappy game in a way that could cause a consumer to think it is actually a cool UFC game like THQ’s “Undisputed“.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction that would block the sale of the game, remove the “Ultimate Fighting” phrase from the game’s packaging and grant Zuffa unspecified damages and court costs.

If you really want to know more about this game that got a review of 3.0 “Awful”, you can read the all about why it got such a low score at IGN.com, or better yet, watch the video review here.