The Human Cockfighter Blog: Election Day in America

What I love about fighting is the work. I may not be the best in the business, but at the end of the day what I have is mine. I am to be enriched by my trade or defaulted by my own demise. No representation needed and self-arranged caretakers on hand.

I sat down and wrote that short excerpt Friday evening after a night out with family and friends. My Editor, Jack Bratcher from, told me that it was a Twitter post and not a blog entry. Fine fine I’ll go back to work. You know I’m glad he mentioned it, because it was too brief and I definitely have more to offer on the subjects of work, freedom, personal accountability and individualism.

I referenced in my last blog the overwhelming abundance of financial distress around the globe. I mentioned that all the world’s countries seemed to be having similar problems. Thousands of people are flooding the streets to protest government cuts in spending, increases in retirement ages and the defunding of unsustainable pension programs. Governments can’t hardly fund things when there is no money to fund them with. Even a lawyer can’t argue that logic…  Whoa, I thought this was an MMA blog. Stay with me folks. I will tie it all together.

People routinely ask me about traditional sports. My response is usually one of ignorance and disinterest. Despite the overwhelming popularity and media attention these leagues receive, I have no interest in following the legal and political proceedings of a UNION. Everyone involved is a member or representative of said union.

Every player has a lawyer, an agent, a publicist, a posse and a manager telling him who to be and what to say or do. All of this supposedly sound advice is based on supposed market trends. The obvious goal is to package and sell a product. The product must then be insured and secured and protected and elevated and hyped and interviewed and made a scene of.

I have never been and will never be a member of a union. If I represented someone against his employer I would lose my self-respect. And if I tried to sell someone or some product with dishonest packaging I would be lying and therefore committing a sin. Whatever happened to selling yourself? The greatest reward in life is achieving happiness and that can only be accomplished by living an honest life. If a group of people are representing you and your work, then nothing remains sacred to you. Imagine all the opportunities you may have missed letting outside forces do your communicating for you.

The popular defense for unions and lawyers is “pressure.” If we live in a society where athletes are perceived to risk more in a daily routine than hard working two income families with children, then we are in trouble. Why must an employee of any trade be guaranteed an enormous pension? Is this not a free country, wherein individuals can choose their own path and be accountable for their successes or failures?

If you don’t like the job, then go get a different one. Don’t hire an attorney and join a union that will bully the business into folding under your demands. I have fought professionally for over two years in a cage with angry wild animals with no health insurance. That’s crazy you say? Yes, maybe to you, but to me it’s called livin’. Mind your own business. If Obama had his way, I would be fined heavily for not carrying insurance because “what if.” I don’t live my life on what ifs, I just live my life.

I was approached recently by a lawyer/agent that worked with NFL talent. He advised me to “not be so honest.” I said, “I don’t have anything to hide, brother.” I was raised to work hard and be honest.. Showing up early and staying past the bell will be rewarded by my employer. Have faith in your neighbors to do the right thing. Walk tall and talk straight.

If you are a liberal, then your head is about to explode. You have been led to believe that your neighbors cannot be trusted, you need a lawyer, an agent and a police officer to settle all disputes, the man is out to get you and will hold you down at all costs, conservatives are angry, gun toting, bible waving, war mongering fascists.

The opposite is actually true. Conservatives are freedom loving opportunists who want to work for their utopia. Conservatives trust their neighbors to do the right thing, but will stand up to them when their sins infringe upon individual liberty. Conservatives stand by the business owners through tough times because they trust they will be rewarded. And at the end of the day, conservatives are happy to live in and are mindful of their own “community.” They do not want to pay gross percentages into the maintenance and structuring of a “society.”

I did not write this excerpt to attack athletes or liberals or lawyers. I wrote it to try and give light to the problems confronting people of all faiths and cultures across the globe. When people group together to demand things from those who provide, everyone loses something. Union involvement in professional sports is just one example. What has been lost so far is monetary, but the losses will soon tread onto individualism and liberty.

Today is election day in America. I will be voting for freedom and liberty and personal accountability. I pray that those who receive the nod from their community go to work with these values in mind. The only power strong enough to defeat humanity is humanity itself. Keep the faith and when necessary, THUMP A STRANGER.

-Brian Imes
The Human Cockfighter