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What I love about fighting is the work. I may not be the best in the business, but at the end of the day what I have is mine. I am to be enriched by my trade or defaulted by my own demise. No representation needed and self-arranged caretakers on hand.

I sat down and wrote that short excerpt Friday evening after a night out with family and friends. My Editor, Jack Bratcher from, told me that it was a Twitter post and not a blog entry. Fine fine I’ll go back to work. You know I’m glad he mentioned it, because it was too brief and I definitely have more to offer on the subjects of work, freedom, personal accountability and individualism.

I referenced in my last blog the overwhelming abundance of financial distress around the globe. I mentioned that all the world’s countries seemed to be having similar problems. Thousands of people are flooding the streets to protest government cuts in spending, increases in retirement ages and the defunding of unsustainable pension programs. Governments can’t hardly fund things when there is no money to fund them with. Even a lawyer can’t argue that logic…  Whoa, I thought this was an MMA blog. Stay with me folks. I will tie it all together.

People routinely ask me about traditional sports. My response is usually one of ignorance and disinterest. Despite the overwhelming popularity and media attention these leagues receive, I have no interest in following the legal and political proceedings of a UNION. Everyone involved is a member or representative of said union.

Every player has a lawyer, an agent, a publicist, a posse and a manager telling him who to be and what to say or do. All of this supposedly sound advice is based on supposed market trends. The obvious goal is to package and sell a product. The product must then be insured and secured and protected and elevated and hyped and interviewed and made a scene of.

I have never been and will never be a member of a union. If I represented someone against his employer I would lose my self-respect. And if I tried to sell someone or some product with dishonest packaging I would be lying and therefore committing a sin. Whatever happened to selling yourself? The greatest reward in life is achieving happiness and that can only be accomplished by living an honest life. If a group of people are representing you and your work, then nothing remains sacred to you. Imagine all the opportunities you may have missed letting outside forces do your communicating for you.

The popular defense for unions and lawyers is “pressure.” If we live in a society where athletes are perceived to risk more in a daily routine than hard working two income families with children, then we are in trouble. Why must an employee of any trade be guaranteed an enormous pension? Is this not a free country, wherein individuals can choose their own path and be accountable for their successes or failures?

If you don’t like the job, then go get a different one. Don’t hire an attorney and join a union that will bully the business into folding under your demands. I have fought professionally for over two years in a cage with angry wild animals with no health insurance. That’s crazy you say? Yes, maybe to you, but to me it’s called livin’. Mind your own business. If Obama had his way, I would be fined heavily for not carrying insurance because “what if.” I don’t live my life on what ifs, I just live my life.

I was approached recently by a lawyer/agent that worked with NFL talent. He advised me to “not be so honest.” I said, “I don’t have anything to hide, brother.” I was raised to work hard and be honest.. Showing up early and staying past the bell will be rewarded by my employer. Have faith in your neighbors to do the right thing. Walk tall and talk straight.

If you are a liberal, then your head is about to explode. You have been led to believe that your neighbors cannot be trusted, you need a lawyer, an agent and a police officer to settle all disputes, the man is out to get you and will hold you down at all costs, conservatives are angry, gun toting, bible waving, war mongering fascists.

The opposite is actually true. Conservatives are freedom loving opportunists who want to work for their utopia. Conservatives trust their neighbors to do the right thing, but will stand up to them when their sins infringe upon individual liberty. Conservatives stand by the business owners through tough times because they trust they will be rewarded. And at the end of the day, conservatives are happy to live in and are mindful of their own “community.” They do not want to pay gross percentages into the maintenance and structuring of a “society.”

I did not write this excerpt to attack athletes or liberals or lawyers. I wrote it to try and give light to the problems confronting people of all faiths and cultures across the globe. When people group together to demand things from those who provide, everyone loses something. Union involvement in professional sports is just one example. What has been lost so far is monetary, but the losses will soon tread onto individualism and liberty.

Today is election day in America. I will be voting for freedom and liberty and personal accountability. I pray that those who receive the nod from their community go to work with these values in mind. The only power strong enough to defeat humanity is humanity itself. Keep the faith and when necessary, THUMP A STRANGER.

-Brian Imes
The Human Cockfighter

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  1. Conservatives may just be freedom loving people, but the politicians they support do not share the same system of beliefs.

    When given the choice between “big business” and “big government” the choice is easy.

  2. Today is Nov. 2, 2010 “ELECTION DAY” the day white America will do as they have done in the pass and vote Republican in! A party with a proven record of failure! But this time their reason for voting Republican is racist and stupid! They are not voting for Republicans they are voting against the first black President of the Unite State! The first President that has achieve historical victory more so then any other white President for all American citizen! The shame is these white Americans know they are wrong BUT hate and divide historically has been white America’s agenda! All this anger and mad as hell calling President Obama a socialist repeated by these sick lying Tea Party members! Not one Tea Party member have the guts to tear up their food stamp card or their social security paycheck or their medicaid card! All social GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS”””””! White Americans “Tea Party” members TODAY will vote against WHITE AMERICANS…..Because white Americans receive more social programs then any other American because of their majority static! Also the white control media and the Republican Party Tea Party member knows that white Americans HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! And will not investigate pass the idiot the fool the sick stupid white racist that informed them! Historically this has been the case when it comes to White Americans! White Americans voted in Nixon ( A crook) Reagan ( Suffer from Alzheimer while in office) Bush (1) LIAR( No new Taxes) .. then raise taxes! Then the worse President in the history of America Republican President G.W.Bush! Turn a surplus in to debt and started two wars ( not paid for) The Iraq war cause needless death of American troops for NOTHING! 4,400 plus American citizen lost their lifes for NOTHING! BUT white Americans are going to give murderer ( the Republican Party) of the American troops!!!!!


    The real story about the condition of America….IT’S BETTER UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA! The country was in horrible condition facing a recession! President Obama stop the recession with the 750 billion dollars stimulus package. Save the automobile industry and over 10,000 auto jobs! Stop many banks for going under and save police teachers firemen&women jobs! After receiving the country from a Republican President that turn a surplus into debt and started two wars! President Obama stabilize the country and then pass historical bills for the American people! Healthcare Reform…Credit Card Reform..etc.. In two years President Obama did more then any other President before him. Given the condition of the country! The lie was started by the Republican Tea Party statement LIKE: President Obama was a socialist! The government is out of control spending! The deficit is was out of control! ALL LIES…The President receive the country 13 trillion dollars in debt and increase the debt by 1.5 trillion! If he allow the Bush tax cuts to expire the country will save 2 trillion in two. Returning the debt back to where the PRESIDENT RECEIVE THE COUNTRY! Showing the country under President Obama is on the right track! BUT the white control media and the white Republican Tea Party successfully demonize anything and everything President Obama attempted to do and got done! Both know that white American( Republicans base) HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! and never investigate pass the idiot the racist the fool that informed them! To the detriment of America! Any idiot knows what takes 8 years to mess up can’t be fix in two years! President Obama is doing the jobs of President the private sector has to do it’s part! VOTE REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!

  4. You seem pretty passionate about this “Tyrone”. — surely you don’t think all republicans are white and all democrats are black? Your “white America” statements don’t hold up.

  5. Conservatives back their OWN big business. If they don’t have a stake in it they don’t care. Most conservatives I know wanna push their moral agenda on their neighbors if possible. That doesn’t strike me as trusting in a neighbor.

    Liberals always believe the worsed from every situation. They want everything to be equal eventhough it takes money out of the pockets of hard working “rich” people to accomplish the feat. Some are not intelligent people bordering on out of their mind (Tyrone I’m looking at you).

    The one stable part both have is when they get into office everything they promised goes out the window, and they will do whatever they have to to keep power and good favor inside their party.

    I don’t vote.

  6. I have finally created some buzz with my blog, lol.

    Tyrone, I didn’t vote for conservatives because they are white or because I am racist. I vote for conservatives because they embody my principles. I don’t judge people by the color of their skin. I evaluate them by their character. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught me that. Oh, and he was also a Republican.


    Yes Republican won the house and I want to be the first Democrat to say well done! The Republican without any solution to the problem of America. And nothing but criticism and a hate and divide agenda! Republican won the house! Attack attack the policy of the Obama ‘s administration and President Obama and never give reason WHY! THEY STILL WON!!!!! I want to say to the liberal media and many Democrat politician! You where piss poor and gutless and handed the election to the Tea Party Republicans! The lack of Democrat politician and liberal solidarity and leadership is responsible for the election results! To think ignorance Democrat’s politician voted for the healthcare reform bill. Then ran against the healthcare reform bill and President Obama and the American people that benefited from the policy! Then it was black pundits and the only black political Sunday host of” Washington Watch ” Roland Martin! That did more criticism of President Obama then telling the American people the truth and benefits of his policy! The election was also a result of white Americans voting against themselves and other Americans! The same thing was done in Boston Mass. when whites voted in a Senator that they thought would vote against the Healthcare reform bill. The same policy they voted for in Boston Mass! Americans needed to stand behind President Obama and his recovery plan! If America voted for change they should be behind the President for the four years he was elected for . Not expect the change to be completed in two years!

  8. Americans and the whole world will suffer if the election results favours GOP and the partisan politics will stall washington and America’s growth/recovery by years in this already stalled economy. Obama was voted in 2008 with the specific agenda and he has to be judged in 2012 and not in this midterm elections.
    Obama has made progress in every issue on the domestic (healthcare, gayrights, torture, oil spill etc) and international front (afganisthan iraq and iran) in a short time and everyone should remember that that issues faced by america are by no means a simple ones(the hole was digged big) and it needs time to resolve. (thats why we vote for a president for a 4 year term and not two years). Most of the economists have agreed that but for bailouts and stimulus we would have been in a deep hole with more job losses and the recent trend shows that a recovery is underway, although at a slower pace.
    The fact that both extreme left and right are not happy with obama shows that he is neither a socialist not a conservatist, and governing from the middle, which is what the world wants from America.
    If giving power to democrats is a mistake, then giving GOP a majority is a ‘blunder’ which will stall the American recovery and will put america’s leadership/growth back by many years


    As long as I can remember I heard statement from white people and the white control media! That whites where not ready for a BLACK Mayor Senator Governor and President of the Unite State! BUT BLACKS COULD FIGHT AND DIE FOR AMERICA!!! Or that white in the south didn’t like to see interracial marriage.BUT BLACKS COULD FIGHT AND DIE FOR AMERICA!!! Let along seeing a black white couple kiss on TV! BUT BLACKS COULD FIGHT AND DIE FOR AMERICA!!! Interracial marriage was illegal in 1958 in many if not all states!BUT BLACKS COULD FIGHT AND DIE FOR AMERICA!!! I was born in 1958 where white gangs ruled the country. Many whites in authority where corrupt! White cops could beat black murder blacks and be back to work before the person was out the hospital or in the ground! AS IS DONE TODAY! White on white crime was over look as it is today! White where the only Americans selected for jury duty and many times if not all found black guilty because they where black. The same practice goes on today! There was no fair and balance! Sound like the same practice goes on TODAY!!! I was I believe 8 years old when Martin Luther King was murder because he was black and stood up for equal treatment under the law for all Americans! Hate and divide in 1958 was the practice of the mostly all white American government! A practice of the white Republican Tea Party” TODAY! In 1958 the White Buddy System was alive and well and very strong and very powerful! AS IT IS TODAY! Now the reason I’m writing is because today we have the first black President that is expected to not recognize the past racist behavior! President Obama race is under attack by the white establishment not his Presidential duties and achievement! The white establishment is concern angry that business as usual is not going down under President Obama! Healthcare reform, PAST, deregulation of banks and Wall Street PAST under President Obama! The stimulus package first started under Bush and Republican rule for 350 billion dollars! Was increase under President Obama and his administration that stop the recession save over 7 million jobs! Today the stimulus package is creating jobs and rebuilding and redirecting American! WHICH TAKES TIME!!! Again the first black President has done many things that 43 white President DID NOT DO FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The white Republican Tea Party want to tell America that the stimulus package was a failure IT WAS NOT! They want to say that President Obama is a failure HE IS NOT! Change take time!!!!!


    White Americans have made horrible decision in picking American’s Presidents! Many white Americans think white men are better Presidents! That thinking comes from America history of white American racism! This American white racism has hurt America and all Americans and the world! The time wasted hating and teaching hate has hurt America and stop America from going forward! The white American Republican Tea Party has gave American extremely stupid extremely racist politician! ONCE AGAIN!! After the midterm election once again America will suffer! Once again America will go backward not forward! Once again America will have to dig out of a Republican mess they will put American in! All because of the decision of white America and their racist and stupid decision to vote against the first black President! Throughout America history white Americans have gave America piss poor white Presidents! LIKE::: REPUBLICAN—Richard Nixon ( crook liar resign in disgrace) REPUBLICAN—Ronald Reagan ( introduce trickle down economic)—(Suffer from Alzheimer and refuse to resign because of love of power)!To date more whites call Reagan a hero of the Republican Party! Someone who suffer from Alzheimer! GO FIGURE!!!! George H. W. Bush—(liar —Stated”no new taxes” then raise taxes!) George W. Bush—( The worse President in American history! Started two wars Afghanistan and Iraq! Both wars where started without paying for them! The Iraq War was a war that should have never been started causing the needless death of American troops FOR NOTHING!!! Bush turn a surplus into debt. Now here comes two more idiot! Donald Trump and Sarah Palin! Both are idiot! Sarah Palin is a quitter and a horrible parent in my opinion a racist and a pure FOOL! Donald Trump would be a embarrassment to America with his three marriages and all his babies mama! His total disrespect for women proven with his attack on Rosie O’ Donald. In December 2006, O’Donnell criticized billionaire Donald Trump for holding a press conference to reinstate Miss USA Tara Conner, accusing him of using her scandal to “generate publicity for the Miss USA Pageant” (to which he owns the rights) by announcing he was giving her a second chance. Conner had violated pageant guidelines by clubbing and drinking underage, as well as having “wild nights” and alleged sexual liaisons (including kissing and “dirty dancing”) with Katie Blair, Miss Teen USA, in public, yet was allowed to keep her crown on condition that she enter drug rehabilitation. O’Donnell commented that due to Trump’s multiple marital affairs and questionable business bankruptcies, he was not a moral authority for young people in America. She stated, “Left the first wife, had an affair. Left the second wife, had an affair – but he’s the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America!” In response, Trump began a mass media blitz in which he appeared on various television shows, either in person or by phone, threatening to sue O’Donnell. He called names, threatened to take away her partner Kelli, and claimed that Barbara Walters regretted hiring her. Walters responded that both Trump and O’Donnell are highly opinionated people and that Trump has never filed for bankruptcy, but several of his casino companies did but are now out of bankruptcy. She also denied that she was unhappy with O’Donnell, saying, “I have never regretted, nor do I now, the hiring of Rosie O’Donnell.”BUT Donald Trump want to be PRESIDENT!

  11. Please Mr. Martin tell Soledad O’Brien my big problem with the Black in America” Latino in America” and Black Credit in America” is that it is sickening and demeaning and tells half truths! Next is “Muslim in America”! All these program give the audience that watch this mess the perception that Black Latino and Muslim ONLY have problems ONLY live in violent neighborhoods ONLY are on welfare etc…. When the truth is WHITES are 61% of American receiving welfare WHITES commit more crime then blacks! WHITES also live in crime neighborhoods! The ONLY different there is NO …Whites in America” by Soledad O’Brien to say just that! Explain to me HOW! How is there no “Whites in America” when whites are the majority in America! White hold the majority of wealth in America! White hold more government jobs white are in more position of authority! TODAY whites will make the decision to turn power back over to Republicans that got the country in the problems President Obama is fixing! And for Soledad O’Brien to say she tune her critic out. Just shows that she care more about keeping stereotypes alive then the truth! I for one am sick of non-blacks explaining black people! Then getting ignorant blacks to participate in their programs just to be on TV! Also I hate when I hear anyone say “black church”! That is a insult and disrespectful! I have never been to a church that is majority black that said other race IS NOT WELCOME! So it is a church that happen to be majority black NEVER do I hear the WHITE CHURCH …..Never!!!!! So my message to Soledad O’Brien I’m still waiting for “White in America”!


    After the midterm election it was reported that 70% of the voters were WHITE! That means that white Americans voted against America. Know different then the terrorist that live to murder all Americans! White Americans voted for the Republican party that cause the horrible condition America is in! That also means that white Americans rewarded Republican for stupidity in sending American troop to Iraq for NOTHING! Causing over 4,400 and counting death of American troops needlessly! 65% of American troop are returning home with mental problems! 33% of American troops lost a limp!59% are facing divorce another 44% are losing their homes. 25% are homeless living on the street! YET WHITE AMERICANS REWARD THAT EVIL!!!! White Americans also reward Republicans for turning a surplus of American tax money into debt! White Americans rewarded Republicans for sending Americans jobs oversea and given tax breaks to do just that! Without a drop of solution to American problem without saying anything about solving American problems! WHITE AMERICANS VOTED FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN THE MIDTERM ELECTION!!! What is so horrible is that not one reporter not one Sunday talk show host will tell America the truth! They would rather blame President Obama policy! Policy that many white Republican Politician that voted against prior voted FOR! The white control media both Liberal and Conservative report negatively against President Obama! I believe base on the fact President Obama is black! White Americans historically have voted against America base on racism! 2010 midterm elections was just white America showing the change IS NOT in them! The truth is that Republicans care about power NOT AMERICA!!!!


    There are fixable solution to American problem but white Republicans are drawing racist lines and hatred! Demonizing the President of the United State and promoting hate and fear in the country! THAT IS A FACT!!!! BOTTOM LINE this country MUST deal with white racism and white hatred! Two evils that is continually taught generation after generation! Two evil that has stop a country from growing and going forward! America MUST be re-educate to understand the reason this country is in the condition it is in! 43 white only Presidents WAS NOT a accident nor was 50 white only Vice Presidents! It was a result of institutional and government racism and demonizing and pure hatred! The horrible state of America DID NOT start with the first black President! Black people in the first meeting of white Americans DID NOT hate and disrespect WHITE PEOPLE first! The start of this very horrible relationship has change over America history! All this evil has stop America from being the greatest country on earth! White Americans have always taught hate! (vinine is evident that stupid lives on) Over the history of America the people and the counties have included Germans and black people! Koreans and black people Japanese and black people Russian and black people! Afghan and black people Iraqi and black people! What has been consistence is the hate of black people! This evil has not help to make America better! The lack of white leadership and the refusal to grow up and be adults and stop teaching the next generation of white America racism and hatred! While other pundits may be telling President Obama to move back to the center most American don’t even understand what center left or right is! Americans just want to get back to work and have a secure future! All that center,right,left talk is pundit talk and politician talk and Roland Martin talk! JUST TALK!!!!!!

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