Team GSP coach John Danaher (above) has been called the "greatest BJJ instructor on planet Earth" by Team Koscheck coach Dave Camarillo.

If you have not yet seen “Fight Week“, the MMA news show from Sherdog and our old friends at IBN Sports, you should check it out (especially when we post their videos right here at

The host, Sam Strayer, is a humorous and witty type and Jordan Breen and Greg Savage, well — I like to describe Breen as intellectualism with a gangster lean and Savage, he just smiles a lot, like he has a big happy secret that you will never fathom. But enough about them…

This week the Strikeforce women’s 145 lb. champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos beams in via satellite (or IBN’s T1 high speed Internet) to talk about when she might return to action and how she felt about getting naked with her husband for ESPN Magazine’s “The Body” issue.

Also on this episode, Savage sits down with the very mysterious John Danaher, the New Zealand BJJ phenom that has recently come into the public’s eye through his role as coach on Team GSP on this season’s The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. Danaher talks about how he got involved with BJJ, became an instructor at Renzo Gracie‘s academy in New York and we get to learn more about the man Dave Camarillo has called “the greatest BJJ instructor on planet Earth.”

To cap off the show, the man who shaved off the most epic hairstyle within the world of MMA, Jordan Breen, focuses his laser beam intelligence upon the UFC-WEC merger and gives us the pro’s and con’s of what is surely the biggest MMA news of 2010.

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