UFC President Dana White was a guest speaker at the Oxford debate club this week. So what kind of questions do you think students from the oldest English-speaking university in the world would have for Dana? You would think they might want to know about strategic business planning and the ins and outs of managing a sports franchise, and maybe they did have those type of questions. But they also wanted to know…

“When is Fedor Emelienenko coming to the UFC?”

Nuts! Surprisingly it seems most of the students were actually fans. White talked to them about the early struggles of the UFC, how FOX Sports Net turned them down, how the deal with Spike TV came about and the role “The Ultimate Fighter” played into their success. White also tells this elite group of scholars about the “big balls” the Fertitta brothers had to keep writing checks when they were already $40 million in the hole with this UFC investment.

An interesting factoid: Oxford University is so old, they really don’t even know when it began. They have teachings dating back to 1096. I wonder if Stephen Hawking used the word “balls” when he spoke at Oxford? … “Someone must’ve had some giant balls to make a universe this big.”

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