Chael Sonnen is either:

  1. Trolling
  2. Schizophrenic
  3. Amnesiac

If you haven’t heard the story yet, Chael Sonnen made some disparaging remarks about Lance Armstrong, saying he gave himself cancer by using drugs. Sonnen has since denied he ever made the comments.

Well, Jim Rome had Sonnen on his show today and confronted Sonnen with the actual audio from the interview where he made the statements about Armstrong.

Even when confronted with his own voice, Sonnen denies it is him and says it sounded like the person had a Mexican accent.

The person who was interviewing Sonnen when he made the comments about Armstrong is Pro MMA Radio’s Larry Pepe. Pepe believes Sonnen has us all playing right into his plan, and that is to keep his name in the headlines and keep us talking about him.

The other possibilities are that he suffers from amnesia or schizophrenia. Listen to the audio from the Jim Rome show and you decide:

2 thoughts on “Chael Sonnen: Troll or Schizophrenic? – You decide”
  1. What the fu** is wrong with this guy?! A few months ago, I would have rooted for him to destroy Silva. Now I hope Silva turns Sonnen into another highlight reel knockout. What an assbag.

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