Eddie Bravo full lotus high

Gareth A. Davies from the London Telegraph writes:

[Eddie] Bravo, who runs 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu from the Legends MMA gym in Los Angeles, and who has worked as a mainstay Octagonside with colour commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg for many years, is understood by the Telegraph to have walked out on his Octaginside role with the world’s leading mixed martial arts organisation after a disagreement over his desire to corner for lightweight fighter George Sotiropoulos, of Australia. The dual role will have been seen as a conflict of interest.

This is a pretty big shock. Eddie Bravo has served with the UFC in one role or another for many years. He is good friends with UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and has helped train several UFC fighters past and present over the years.

Bravo is most well-known these days for the rubber guard, marijuana advocacy, music, and his “ultimate ass” thread on the UG.

George Sotiropoulos is scheduled to fight Kurt Pellegrino at UFC 116 this Saturday night as part of the Pay-Per-View main card. Now that Bravo has quit, does this mean he will get to corner Sotiropoulos?

2 thoughts on “Eddie Bravo leaves the UFC”
  1. can’t believe that dude is a weed head? does he have a script from a doc? what’s his dx? is he stoned all day long? is he ever not intoxicated? all fair and interesting questions now excuse me while I go mainline some vitamins.

  2. who gives a shit if he has a puff now and then when hes off “work”.

    i have seen fighter have a cigaret before.. plus a cigaret is physically more content then one bowl of that bong.

    how about fighters having beer and getting piss drunk? that doesn’t seem to make them anyless of a fighter right? when you smoke weed you dont get higher then high… plus it lets you see things outside the box in a different mind frame… like when you are drunk you make different choices… its safe to say choices you make stoned are much better then piss drunk.

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