Eddie Bravo demonstrates Rubber Guard to Rickson Gracie | VIDEO

http://youtu.be/S8Ccl5jY9do Called the “greatest of all the Gracies,” Rickson Gracie was on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Monday along with rubber guard master Eddie Bravo. Following their nearly three-hour discussion about Rickson’s new Jiu Jitsu Global Federation, old fight stories, surfing, marijuana as a performance enhancer, and much more, Eddie demonstrated the rubber guard for Rickson … Read more

Bellator 53 fight video: Ben Saunders vs. Luis Santos

Ben Saunders (12-3-2 MMA, 4-3 UFC, 3-0 BFC) showed off a sick ground game in his Bellator season 5 welterweight semifinal against Luis Santos, submitting the Nogueira black belt and two-time BJJ champion with an americana in the third round. It was hard to tell that Santos possessed those type of credentials the way that … Read more

BJJ in depth with Draculino – thoughts on Eddie Bravo and the rubber guard

Here is an interesting series of interviews with Draculino. Here is the description of the videos from Youtube: Members of Sherdog posted over 25 questions for Draculino, he answered all of them and here are 2 of those questions on a well known Jiu-Jitsu Instructor and some of his philosophies. As always, Drac was hilarious … Read more

“We’re gonna be a marijuana world” -Eddie Bravo

In this new interview with Eddie Bravo he explains how he used to be brainwashed by the “reefer madness” theories, but now he is wide awake to the benefits of the herb. “Once we have the whole country on lock, then the whole world will be pro-marijuana,” says the master of the rubber-guard. Should MMA … Read more

The truth about Eddie Bravo & rubber guard

Jiu Jitsu is evolving. The fight game is evolving. Like all of the arts it involves creativity. In this very interesting video Joe Rogan, George Sotiropoulos, and Jason Chambers share their insight about Eddie Bravo’s contribution to Jiu Jitsu and the evolution of MMA. Props to Jeff at www.mmasync.com for this video.