Don King posted $1 million for judge to block Mayorga fight

Don King and his lawyers win in court. - Photo by Sofia Santana, Sun Sentinel


In a harried fight to keep one of his fighters from competing in an event put on by a rival promoter, Don King posted a $1 million bond in cash in Broward Court Saturday. The bond was to secure an injunction against the promoter and the fighter, King and his attorneys said.

…He delivered the cash to the courthouse in two duffel bags just before the deadline, he said. “Only in America,” King said Saturday night as he celebrated at Morton’s Steakhouse, in downtown Fort Lauderdale. “It’s about doing what’s right.”

Shine Fights experienced first hand what happens when you try to mess with something Don King considers his, namely professional boxer Ricardo Mayorga. Why is the law so expensive? Maybe our staff lawyer Furby can explain.

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