UFC President Dana White talks with AOL Fanhouse's Ariel Helwani following UFC 112.

If you saw UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva’s fight against Demian Maia at “UFC 112: Invincible” then you already understand why UFC President Dana White is embarrassed. And if you haven’t yet ordered the pay per view, and were waiting until tonight to order it, you might want to reconsider.

We’ve seen Silva in the past, against fighters like Patrick Cote, dance around, mock his opponent, and act strange. However, at UFC 112, Silva took these types of antics to a completely unprecedented level. The crowd booed and there has already been a tremendous amount of media and fan backlash. White calls it the lowest point in his UFC career.

7 thoughts on “Dana White embarrassed by Anderson Silva at UFC 112, calls it his lowest moment *VIDEO*”
  1. I’m tired of Anderson Silva… somebody (Chael), please whoop his ass!!

  2. A. Silva just showed Dana and UFC fans around the world that the UFC does not have the depth in the middleweight division (and that the UFC is probably light in the light heavy weight division as well) in contradiction to what North American UFC fans and Dana White have been hammering about, disrespecting every other organization in the world. Come on now, if Anderson can humiliate a top 5 UFC contendor and totally own the previous light weight champion, it speaks volumes about depth… Remember, A. Silva’s previous losses were in other organizations. In short, this was not so much about Anderson disrespecting the sport as much as it was about disrespecting the UFC. Kudos to Anderson for showing that the UFC middleweight division was abandoned when they let Nick Diaz and Hendo go. The main card of UFC 112 sucked even worse than that for UFC 111 when the card included a Brit who couldn’t get off his back.

  3. Well, I watched what happened yesterday, and i also have watched the transformation of Anderson Silva’s attitude as he has continued to win, dominate and be puffed up and trumped as the BEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD. Lets face it, he is, but with so many of the “Best’s” in our global sporting world, being the best doesn’t always mean you are prepared mentally or emotionally to be the best. Silva’s God given talent in the sport is not in question, his maturity and capabilities of understanding & dealing with the money, fame, notoriety, and glory is what i question. I have seen through each fight his antics get more and more ridiculous and borderline embarrassing. I even thought it was strange how much respect and friendship he seemed to have for Rich Franklin and i think thats what made how brutal his beatings were against Franklin so erie and freaky. The man would bow to Franklin, hug him, kiss him and then beat him almost to death and then do the same. It was apparent to me at that point he had a lot of respect for how the UFC saw Franklin and how he had done his homework on how to handle himself, but now today you see an entirely different Anderson Silva. How he handled Forest Griffin was fine in my opinion and was as nasty as it gets. Toy with your opponent YES, order him to sit like a dog and then dance, NO! Now this has gone far beyond any ego trip on the planet. Last night was uncomfortable for me to watch let alone be there or be commentating on the fight and you could hear the silence in both Rogan & Goldberg and that too just made it so strange. Rogan & Goldberg kept it real yet contradicted their PRE-FIGHT interviews saying Maia actually had a chance but we all know that is just there to sell the fight which is understood. It was hard to even sleep as i was dying to see the post fight interview and after getting to know the kind of person Dana White is, i was so happy to hear his reactions. He’s a real dude, and he’s perfect for the sport. Maybe he needs to get in there and beat Silva’s ass, i dont know, and now i echo White’s reaction to the entire fight, with my same “I Dont Know…”. My only other theory here is a terrible one, but i wouldn’t be being honest if i kept it from anyone here. I never blog or post comments but this is my first time and it needs to be said. This sport is the fastest growing sport on the planet and it hasn’t even matured into its pinnacle of what it can bring to the globe. With that comes a lot of money and Dana & the UFC provide A LOT of money to their fighters and A LOT of these fighters are just that…fighters (modestly)! So when you throw the kind of cash, promotion, hype, titles and many other things at these guys, some of them are not prepared to handle it all. I just felt for some reason that the fight HAD to go 5 rounds. I saw no other reason WHY on earth it went that long. There was ZERO action from rounds 4 & 5. After each of those rounds, Silva would go back to his corner with a look of LOST and his corner seemed just as lost. I just feel there is a little more to this then we know about it and i am not implying this is against the UFC whatsoever but towards Silva, his camp and maybe some things he has going on at home. It just felt way too funny and way too surreal and made me feel the fight HAD to go 5 rounds for some reason other then the reasons Silva came up with, which was that the Maia disrespected him. One of the press asked “If he disrespected you, then why didn’t you just beat the hell out of him and get the respect back that way?”. The answer didn’t warrant much and again made me think otherwise. Stakes are high and stocks with the sport are as well, i just pray that whatever penalty or punishment is given to Silva, that its STRICT & HARD and is made an example of what could happen if people misrepresent the sport in this fashion. I have full trust that Dana White and his team will do just that. As much as Anderson Silva is an attraction and asset (well i dont know anymore) to the UFC, its the UFC that has made the UFC and if Silva was banned, suspended, fined or all of the above from the UFC, the integrity of the UFC would NOT be in question whatsoever and Silva may find reason again to legitimately earn his money the real way, by knocking fighters out and leaving the building.

  4. Anderson silver has the dance, or should I say walk, but he doesn’t have the punch, or should I say talk. He has great movement but no exploding rage that a fighter needs. I could not understand how during the end of that fight neither one of them just didn’t explode and go crazy on the other guy. High school fights on youtube are more entertaining.

  5. Anderson Silver remains the best pound for pound fighter in the universe.
    No Man in his category takes his punch and stands it.
    Here in Nigeria (West Africa) he has a huge fan base and we celebrate his unbeaten record in the UFC.
    The fight against mia we all know was a very tactical one and Anderson had to adopt a tactical approach.

  6. I don’t call running in circles, not doing anything to make anyone believe they are actually watching a fight and doing stupid faces and gestures of come over here than not actually doing anything himslef “tactical at all” hands down the so called best pound for pound fighter looked like a pussy and he even admitted it while receiving his belt.

    “I don’t know what got into me, sorry”


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