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Join Brian Furby and special guest co-host Pro MMA Now founder Jack Bratcher for the newest episode of The Cageside Beat, the official radio show of Pro MMA Now. Brian and Jack will be joined by MMA fighter Mark “The Future” Crawn (6-3 amateur) who will make his professional MMA debut against Stoney Hale on April 2, 2010 at the Spartan Fighting Championship in Ashland, KY. This episode is sponsored by Silver Star: Built for Champions.

Mark is a client of The Matthew Wellington Group, the sports management firm founded by Brian Furby and Lee Jacobs. To find out more about Mark, his fighting career, and his battle with cancer, make sure to tune into the show tonight at 9 PM ET. In the meantime, take a few minutes to read Mark’s fighter profile on

To listen to the show live, tune into The Cageside Beat tonight at 9 PM ET.

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By: Brian Furby

3 thoughts on “The Cageside Beat March 24, 2010: Mark Crawn”
  1. I bet that Marc gets his ass kicked!! That Stoney Hale is a bad ass mofo!! I’ve seen him beat down some big names quick.

  2. Worst fight of the eve! no strikes no submission attempts no ground movement. The boring fight coupled with stoneys obnoxious, loud, aggresive, rude and vulgar fan club made the fight unbearable for some as dozens could be seen walking out of the show to escape his personal fan club. The fight went to Stoney with a unanimous decision by the judges due to Stoney laying on his opponent for three rounds. The other fights of the night were great and very well matched!

  3. Stoney did what he came to do, and that was to win…decisively. Mark had no anwer for the takedowns or ground control. When in guard, he opted to lock Stoney down rather than utilizing his jiu jitsu game to work his way back up into his range. As for Stoney’s cheering section, he had no control over this. However, they witnessed 2 blatant illegal knees to their fighter and voiced their opinion. Right or wrong, this is what fans do. I will say that if you offer free beer at a fighting event, it should be no suprise when they are a little rowdy by main event time. Props to Marc Crawn and SSF for bringing a tough fight (I have nothing but mad respect for those all those guys), but it is poor taste to discredit a man’s victory because you are bitter that the guy you were rooting for didn’t win. It takes two to tango.

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